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We are encouraged by these kind thoughts and wish to share them with our readers. Please give us your Feedback! Also, please make sure to include your city and state (or country, if outside the US) with your message.

I really appreciate the excellent article on human digestion showing intelligent design. I forwarded it to a preacher, and his wife, who homeschools her kids, wrote back: “Awesome article, Frank!  Thanks for passing it on to us.”

           —Frank, New Albany, IN

I just want to say that I appreciate your web site. It makes for informative as well as entertaining reading.

           —Dennis, Mosherville, MI

As an avid supporter of A.P. for many years I want to thank you immensely for the four bound volumes for 2005 that you sent me. They are superb! I have given one each to three committed young Christian men who were absolutely over the moon when they received them. They will be used mightily in their hands as they, and we, fight ceaselessly for God here in Scotland. Blessings be upon you richly in the years ahead.

           —Joe, Scotland

I ran across you in House to House/Heart to Heart sent out by the Theo Church of Christ in Walnut, MS.... Godspeed in continuing the great work you have in this website.

           —Ward, Walnut, MS

I would like to thank you for all that you have taught me about creation.... I now have the ability, as Peter says, “ always be ready to give a defense to everyone that asks you a reason for the hope that is within you, with meekness and fear.”

           —Dallas, Prattville, AL

Hi there, I have just found your web page as I was surfing for info on fresh tissue in Dinosaurs. So thank you for the article. I will put you in my favorites box and read from time to time. I am another believer in our great Creator God and that His word is true from the very first verse. The Lord is opening doors over here to discuss biblical Creation and that the world is young. May the Lord bless your endeavors.

           —Wendy, a retired biology teacher, Cornwall UK

These articles were absolutely great. They have hit the nail right on the head…. Taking God out of our country is one of the big reasons why this terrible sin has been allowed to grow…. [I’m] grateful to you for the articles.

           —Jack, Clovis, CA

There is no refuting that the evolution process is impossible. Thanks for all your work.

           —Christopher, Nashville, TN

I received [The Quran Unveiled] today and I have started reading it. The book will help me tremendously in my radio discussions with Moslem leaders. Thank you and may God bless you richly as you continue to labour in His vineyard. I wish to express my special thanks to the author, Dr. Dave Miller. May God bless him to continue to write more of such books.

           —Ken, Ghana

AP continues its reputation of turning out top-quality work. I know you, and AP, and have every confidence that the future will only be better. Thanks again!

           —Dennis, Mabelvale, AR

Hi! I was surfing our newspaper reading a religious article and found a link to your website.... [I] didn't realize it existed. What an exhilarating and refreshing discovery!... Keep up the good work! I knew the Internet could be a wonderful tool for the cause of Christ!

           —Janie, Booneville, MS

I love the Apologetics Press work and excellent educational materials. I have read many of the written works and have benefited from it a lot. So thank you.

           —Ritchie, Australia

I have been a subscriber to Reason and Revelation almost since it began, and enjoy it immensely.  It is a highly valuable contribution to Christian literature, with very thoughtful articles.

           —John, Colorado Springs, CO

The “Truth About...” series has been extremely popular with our kids and community. In fact, copies of the tracts have been allowed in our local school system to be used for a Christian perspective on science and evolution. Word has spread about the tracts and our congregation has received many requests for them. I am not sure how often you all receive word on how your work is affecting lives, but I wanted to be sure to share that.

           —Chris, Waverly, TN

Thank you so much for coming to speak to the Prattville church.... We always enjoy hearing you and others from AP speak. Thank you for all the work you do for God's kingdom.

           —Pam, Prattville, AL

I got the Creation Cards recently and love them! Great photos.... May God keep blessing the work there at AP.

           —Amanda, Manchester, TN

I am a huge fan of Apologetics Press and what you are doing there. My home is Prattville, so I have had the opportunity to hear several of your speakers and have always enjoyed them tremendously. [...] Thank you so much for your outstanding contribution to Christ's Church. My personal mission is to enable our young people to answer the tough questions they must face in a secular world. I am working to do this by teaching a class in Christian evidences to our ladies' class (who can then answer their children's questions) and I will be using your materials. Thank you again so much for making this possible.

           —Diane, Mt. Dora, FL

I want to commend…the entire staff at AP for their untiring devotion to truth! Keep up this desperately needed work!

           —Jay, Mart, TX

I support AP and have greatly enjoyed and learned from the magazine. I have purchased (4) of the book Truth be Told. Three I have given away to people and one I donated to our local library…. I appreciate your time and will continue to pray for AP.

           —Linda, Bellevue, OH

I am so grateful to have found your website. I have been a member of the body of Christ for approx. 20 years and never knew that Apologetics Press existed until now. Your website has truly been a blessing in my life and in dealing with issues....

           —Yolanda, Montgomery, AL

First off let me thank you and the others that are working at Apologetics Press for all of invaluable information you guys provide (free of charge!) for those of use who are defending our faith.

I teach the high school Sunday morning Bible class at our congregation. While having a casual after-class discussion one week I noticed many of the students were discussing their friends or acquaintances who are atheists. I asked for a show of hands, “How many of you have friends or daily acquaintances that are atheists?” Every student in the class raised his or her hand! I decided it was time to begin a course on Christian apologetics. I have found your website to be a vital resource in preparing for and teaching this course.

           —Jason, Carrollton, GA

I just visited your website for the first time and was so glad to see that such a site existed that seeks to serve the purpose of defending the truths of Scripture in a culture that is making huge attempts to discredit it. I actually visited the site to read the article by Eric Lyons addressing the attack leveled on Christianity by The Da Vinci Code.

           —Nate, Bozeman, MT

Thank you for a wonderful article from Brad Harrub (“Do Human and Chimpanzee DNA Indicate an Evolutionary Relationship?”). I was just following a link that Google threw at me.

           —Srinivas, San Jose, CA

I want to say how much I appreciate the children's book, Does God Love Michael's Two Daddies? I purchased one recently and was pleased with the firm, yet loving way in which the book is written. I am the mother of three and the grandmother of seven, so I rejoice that such material is being written and published by Christians with the biblical perspective. I appreciate all the good work you and your staff do. I believe God is and will continue to bless you.

           —Virginia, Vernon, AL

Your camel/anachronism article (“Camels and the Composition of Genesis” by Zach Smith and Eric Lyons) is excellent. Your article had the skeptics flummoxed and none even tried to defend the camel anachronism argument after it was referenced.

           —Steven, Bayside, NY

Thank you for the books you sent our daughter…she loves them because they are about animals. I hope they impress on her mind what God has created.

           —Amy, Opp, AL

Thank you for all your efforts in serving Christ. Your Web site and publications have helped us countless times. Also, your articles have helped us explain topics to non-Christians. We are convinced of your faithfulness to God’s Word, as well as your dedication and perseverance in continuing the word. May God continue to bless you in your efforts.

           —James, North Canton, OH

I am writing this email to express my thanks to your writers for all of the help that you have given me in my journey to faith. I grew up in California and was raised without any religion at all. I had conservative parents but there was no religion in the household. I went and studied psychobiology and of course, was inundated with evolution and naturalistic philosophies every single day.... I learned from them how the world came into being and how it currently functions.

The main problem for me was how to align my science background with the apologetic side I wanted to “Where did all the dinosaurs go?”, “How can you believe in a young earth when it is widely believed to be billions of years old?” and “How can you possibly not believe in evolution?” Basically I wanted to see “evidence.” I spent many, many hours reading Apologetics Press articles and then I went back to read my evolutionary articles. As I was learning more about Christ, I was also slowly beginning to see that, to my surprise, the Christian worldview actually takes a lot less faith than an atheistic worldview. There are just too many questions that the scientists can’t answer and will not ever be able to answer. Christianity has the answers to all of life's “big questions.”

My mother and I were baptized about 10 months after I started going to church. My brother began coming to church and I had the privilege of baptizing him into Christ a few months ago. My wife and I are now working on the faith of my two sisters, my other brother and my father.

I really just wanted to express my deep appreciation for the website you have put together that has provided answers to the questions that I had.... Keep up the good work!

           —Sam, Costa Mesa, CA

My brother got me on the Reason and Revelation mailing list back in the early '90s when I was trying to figure out the world and where I fit into it. Apologetics Press, Wayne Jackson…and others who contended via the written word with the materialists, evolutionists, and progressives had as much to do with correcting my course as anything or anybody else. Your impact is widely felt and appreciated.

           —Brad, Anchorage, AK

I have to say that I have read a good portion of the articles on the site and you and your peers are excellent.… Your articles are an inspiration to us all.

           —Rich, Aurora, CO

...[T]hank God I found you! I am using Christian Kids Explore Biology with my three children and came across your website. I’ll be returning frequently. Keep up the good work!

           —Debbie, Honoraville, AL

I want to begin by thanking you for the valuable and helpful work you have done through the years.

           —Tim, Wylie, TX

We very much appreciate and applaud your good work at Apologetics Press and are proud to help in the effort.

           —Tom, Mt. Pleasant, TN

I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the book you recently sent me (Sexual Anarchy). One of our members asked me if I had the book. When I told her that it had just arrived, she asked if she could look at it. This morning she gave it back to me and said she read the entire book the night before!

Thanks again for the fine book, your scholarly work....

           —Jason, Valdosta, GA

I just wanted to let Dr. Dave Miller know I loved his readers. They are great. Also, the last Discovery on Job was awesome you are doing a fantastic job. I have all my Discovery magazines I have been getting since 1999 or 2000 and they just keep getting better. You are brilliant!

           —Denise, Green Cove Springs, FL

I just recently finished reading The Quran Unveiled and wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to write this excellent book! I wish that I had had this kind of information years ago when I was travelling and working in many of the Muslim Countries around the world. I will most definitely recommend this book to friends, colleagues and anyone looking for the Truth about God and His Word!

Thanks for all that you and the other people there at Apologetics Press do to show the truth about God, His Son, and the Bible! I hope that I can meet you some day soon to thank you personally.

           —Ron, Alexander City, AL

...[T]hanks...for your good and valued work in His kingdom.

           —James, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you so much for the work that you do.... Thank you for making this information accessible and free to me on your site.

           —T.J., Edmond, OK

What an excellent article (“Much Respect for the Quran—Not Much for the Bible”)... I could not agree more! Thank for the exposition of this grievous error by the government. Amazing. Hope you are doing well....

           —Scott, Houston, TX

I'm writing to applaud Dave Miller on his article, “Christian Morality UnChristian?”. I think Mr. Miller hit the nail square on the head with this piece. I couldn't agree more. I'm just amazed that the Christian community is not more active in stopping trash like he referred to from even getting on the networks. Please keep the faith and keep writing like this.

           —Michael, St. Charles, MO

I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the website...and am thankful for it. So far, it seems the authors are not only well qualified to write on the topics but are also creative and readable in their writings. I hope you don't mind if I include it in my “recommended links” section on my website.... Thanks.

           —Arthur, San Jose, CA

Great article Dave, this is the message that evacuees need to hear when they ask “why.” Hopefully, they are, and if I get the chance I will pass some copies of the article along to them, since there are many such existing opportunities in Houston right now.

           —Scott, Houston, TX

...[Y]our “God and Katrina” is first class work. Well done, Dr. Dave. Very well done.

           —Glen, Hagerstown, MD

Great article on God and the that is much needed at this time. Thanks for the research on it. I'm going to print out some of these for the members to read. Thanks for your great work. Keep it up.

           —Eddie, Parkersburg, WV

I thought you'd appreciate this story. We told you the other day that Jeremy came home from school saying something about dinosaurs living millions of years ago. Well, yesterday at school, his teacher asked him to read aloud a section from their science book that said, "dinosaurs are animals that lived millions of years ago." After he read that, he said, "Mrs. Madison, I don't think that's right." He said his teacher responded by saying, "Jeremy, I think you're right." He then said the rest of the kids in class joined in saying they thought Jeremy was right, too. That just goes to show you how kids can learn at a young age that their school books are not always right. Thanks SO much for your work in this field. I don't believe we could have made the same kind of impact on Jeremy without your seminar and the WONDERFUL new book on dinosaurs. Please give my compliments to Kyle and Eric for the work they did in producing that book.

Dana, one of our members here who attended the seminar with us, teaches the 2nd-4th grade class on Wednesday nights. She was so impressed with the information from the seminar, her husband said that all she has been doing since the weekend is reading about dinosaurs. She's planning to start using the Discovery magazines in her class. Last night I told her about the Explorer Series. She said she would look at it in the catalog or on-line.

           —Deanna, Baytown, TX

Great article on Armed Conflict & Quran. These types of articles are helpful to those of us who do not have much time for research.

           —Eddie, Parkersburg, WV

The above subject treatise (Modern-Day Miracles, Tongue-Speaking, & Holy Spirit Baptism: A Refutation) is the most comprehensive & thoughtful I have read on these subjects. CONGRATULATIONS!

           —Mike, Groves, TX

I just finished reading Dr. Miller's excellent article "Capital Punishment and the Bible." It will help me a great deal in addressing arguments put forward by the 'politically correct' crowd up here against the death penalty. The distinction that God commands the death penalty through His civil government was one that has never been pointed out to me before. It clarified some nagging doubts I had about contradictions with the 6th Commandment.... [I]t is a relief to know that there are organizations like yours committed to the truth of God's word. God bless you.

           —Alistair, Toronto, Canada

Thank you for the article; Peace, Politics and Principle by Dr. Dave Miller. God bless....

           —Dominick, Lakeland, FL

So words indeed are inadquate to express my gratitude for your continued help.

All I can say this time is thank you! thank you! and may God of heaven should keep on blessing you and the Apologetics Press day and night.

           —Laws, Cambridge, England

Tonight in my 4 and 5-year-old class your Digger Doug episode one saved the day. I am at a whisper today and couldn't contact someone quick enough to prepare a lesson for my class in my spot. We took a DVD player and played the episode and they loved it. I had purchased them in hopes of them being...hand in hand with the Bible. Great Job! My neice and nephews love them, the kids at church love them, and I love them. Please, please, please make more! We need things like this to use in helping us teach our children.

Also, I purchased the flash cards you have for teaching babies and I have all 6 of the God made books and I use them every day teaching a 2 year old class at Mars Hill Preschool in Florence, AL! I love them too!

Please keep up the great work. I enjoy your website and it is a great place for me to go to read a lot of things that help me educate myself and it has really helped me become even more eager to learn about God and want to teach others.

I am also sharing a lot of the items you have on your website with our Education Cordinator at church hoping he will purchase a lot of them for resources in our class rooms!

Again please, please, please make more Digger Doug shows they are a hit with the kids!

Thanks for all you are doing, and know I pray for the work you do.

           —Leah, Florence, AL

I wanted to let you know that Apologetics Press is greatly needed. A boy in the third grade from our congregation read the dinosaur book and immediately said that it was not true because man and dinosaur did not live together. It was a great teaching moment for his parents. Later another boy in the first grade said that it was not true either. His parent asked him how he knew it was not true to which the boy replied, "my teacher told me that man and dinosaur did not live together." As a result, we have several who are definitely planning to attend Brad Harrub's presentation....

           —Jimmy, Cross Plains, TN

I just wanted to express my general thanks and appreciation for the Godly work that AP does (I have often referenced AP for my studies and purchased books) and specifically thank God for Dave Miller's recent article ,"Is Mark 16:9-20 Inspired?"

As one relatively new to the church, I have pursued re-educating myself with vigor and zeal as to what the Bible really says. I have found that...discrepancies are truly alleged and without merit, no matter how many times they may be repeated by those with no honest intent to educate. Among the many things I have encountered is the claim discussed in the aforementioned article, most notably in the debate on baptism. The footnotes in the various Bibles truly do leave out the truth of the matter!

I am thankful for the concise, well-referenced article by Dr. Miller. It was to the point and very educational. The more I study, the stronger my faith grows, refuting the claims that studying the Bible will destroy one's faith. This is another strong AP article that helps fortify my faith. I now feel prepared to answer this challenge to Mark 16:9-20.

           —Aaron, Dickson, TN

Just wanted to let you know how much my Bible Class is enjoying the Explorer Series. I have third through sixth grade, and we are a small congregation so we have only two Bible classes right now. The contents include things that I can introduce on Sunday and the children can take home their booklets to read what we cannot finish. We do review games on Wednesday night from our Sunday's lesson and they are doing so well. I do hope that you will continue this series. Thank you.

           —Pam, Murfreesboro, TN

I am happy for Spanish-speaking peoples (due to the A.P. Spanish Web site). Thank you. Good work, and may God richly bless you, in Jesus' name.

           —Denis, Saint-François-d'Assise, Québec

Yesterday, Kyle Butt spoke.... His topic of discussion was the proper worship of the Lord in the Church. I just wanted to say thank you to him and all of you who do so much for the truth about the Bible and the Church. I know several people who were in attendance may have been upset or even offended by the topic, but it was presented in a way of total biblical truth. Kyle did a wonderful job of presenting his lesson truthfully.... Lessons like Kyle's, and...all of you at AP do so much to help us with our beliefs. Thank you once again.

           —Jonathan, Montgomery, AL

Thanks so much and God bless you all.

           —Ralph, Ligonier, PA

Thank you for your wonderful lessons.

           —June, Surprise, AZ

I thoroughly enjoyed this article (“Is Mark 16:9-20 Inspired” by Dr. Dave Miller)-- got it today. Will definitely be a keeper!

           —Russell, Wildwood, FL

Thanks for your work on Mark 16:9-20 which I have read with interest and enthusiasm. You have performed a tremendous service for students of the New Testament.

           —Tom, Selma, AL

Yesterday I read your article on the genuineness of Mark 16:9-20. Excellent work--my hat's off to you.

           —Weylan, Fort Worth, TX

Well, the dinosaur books have been making their way to many schools in the area in the backpacks of children, who are doing their best to get their teachers to read them, and some are. Some "don't have time right now," and a few have refused. Most however have been polite enough to read and return them without much comment. The one teacher who was so militant and urgent in telling the children that they were wrong if they did not accept evolution as she taught it in the classes has now decided that "since neither evolution nor creation can be absolutely proved beyond doubt, it is not right that she should interfere with what the children are learning in their churches, because that might be impinging on their freedom of religion." She was approached by several Christian teachers in her school, as well as some Christian parents, and since she lost all the arguments, so she decided to back off. The County Superintendent of Schools...said he did not wish to be drawn into any controversy because the State mandated what had to be taught in the class room. He said he does not himself believe evolution, but he cannot refuse to allow State mandated courses to be taught in his schools.... Things were touchy with the one teacher for a while. I do not know if she heard from the Superintendent or not, but she "good naturedly" drew back quickly....

You certainly did a good job in getting our boys at school stirred up, and desirous of learning more about the Creation/Evolution conflict. They received their books and have been reading and discussing them, and we feel that is a very good thing. We want them to be able defend the truth on these matters. Our teachers really appreciate the work you did.

Give our best to all at Apologetics Press.... Incidentally, the the last R & R on consciousness was very good. I enjoyed reading it, and want to go back and revisit some things I underlined for further consideration.... My very best to you all.

           —Gene, Moundsville, WV

Gentlemen, I am tremendously blessed by your work on a daily basis. I am proud to say I attended school with Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt...and am thrilled to see those guys doing such a fine job for Apologetics Press. I am preaching for a small congregation in North Georgia and refer to your articles and research on a regular basis in my study. As I am most grateful for your website and work, I am always careful to give the Apologetics Press credit when referring to your materials. I have especially been blessed lately by some of Dave Miller's works on the "millennium" and interpreting the Bible. Please pass along my thanks to each member of your team. May the Lord continue to bless you all.

           —Jon, Gainesville, GA

Great article on Homosexuality. I have printed it out and given a copy to one of our elders. I'm sure they will be impressed as I have been with the quality of the workmanship and research into that topic. It will be quite helpful in dealing with the problem (sin). Thanks for a job well done.

           —Eddie, Parkersburg, WV

I just wanted to drop you a short note on your feature article in the August 2004 Reason & Revelation. I was thoroughly impressed! You do such great work. The depth of this material is something very useful in dealing with the gradual gaining of ground by the homosexual movement toward acceptance in our culture. It is a blessing to have brethren like yourselves who have dedicated their lives and degrees to help the church deal with a wide array of issues from a scientific and biblical standpoint. God's speed to you and may the cause of Christ be furthered by your diligent efforts. Thanks for the “ammunition.”

           —Mike, Moorhead, MN

Thank you for the article on the “homosexual gene”. I have shared the copies with our staff. We are being bombarded with untruths. Thank you again for taking the time to send this to me.

           —Bobby, Daytona Beach, FL

I have no words to express my gratitude for your wonderful work in the Lord's ministry, particularly the...seminars. These are being used with the educated class of youngsters and their family members. Please pray for us.

           —Viji, India

Five years ago you gave me a copy of your book Piloting the Strait. I have read and re-read the book many times. Currently I am presenting a series of Bible studies which I have entitled "According to the Pattern" to offset the pernicious teaching of the "change agents." Your book is absolutely invaluable to me for these lectures, and I want to thank you for all the research in which you were involved. Interestingly, I was expecting some opposition from two young men in the congregation whom I deemed to be "progressives". To the contrary, they have been to the fore in thanking me for the lessons, which they find enlightening.

           —Joe, Aberdeen, Scotland

I appreciate your ministry and all the countless hours that you and your team spend helping people understand more about our Lord. I love your publications and refer people to your URL often. My brethren and I have gained much wisdom and understanding from using your resources and have in turn used some of those teachings in our assemblies. Thanks again so much for hard work and dedication to the Kingdom of God.

           —Christopher, Stillwater, OK

Great article (“America's Inevitable Moral Implosion” by Dr. Dave Miller and Dr. Brad Harrub). Already here in Australia we have been having children's programs depicting homosexual relationships as normal!

           —David, Australia

I just read the article entitled “Deism, Atheism, and the Founders” and truly appreciate the research and truth you presented. I will be graduating (hopefully and prayerfully!) next May with a degree in Secondary Education/World and U.S. history. I look forward to the challenge of stripping away the Revisionist Facade and allowing teenagers to see what the founding fathers actually said concerning their beliefs and how that played a role in shaping our young country.... I do appreciate the efforts of this particular piece and Apologetics Press in general.

           —Steve, McMinnville, TN

I wanted to let you know that I finished your new book on Islam. Kudos.... So much info.... I appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work and be not weary in well doing.

           —Jim, Kissimmee, FL

I really enjoy your writings very much and make a point to pass on your info to more than 3000 people in my address book.

           —Morris, Athens, AL

Just a note of thanks for this carefully researched article (“Islam and Early America” by Dr. Dave Miller). I liked it and gained from it.... I really appreciate Apologetics Press's faithful, reliable and prompt responses....

           —David, Australia

I am writing to thank you for the privilege of hearing you speak at our VBS (view speaking schedules). It was very helpful, and it has served to strengthen my faith in God's word. I was also blessed last summer to attend the Wednesday evening Bible studies you taught, and to purchase one of your books. Your book is written in such a way that I can learn it , apply it, and share it. I thank God for brethren like you who have the faith to use their ability as you do. I appreciate your efforts to study, teach, and encourage each of us as individuals to do our part to instruct others. I believe much good is being done, and many hearts and lives are changed for the better as a result of your work. May God's will be done in all things, and to Him be the glory.

           —Tony, Montgomery, AL

Long overdue, this work (“ ‘This is the Way God Made Me’--A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the ‘Gay Gene’ ” by Dr. Brad Harrub and Dr. Dave Miller) should assist semi-literate folk who venture onto thin ice shortly after running out of theological steam.

           —Ray, Lubbock, TX

...I have been thoroughly pleased with the children’s books and material that Apologetics Press has been producing. They are outstanding.... In addition, all of the all of the Dinosaur books.... I pray that the Lord will Bless you....

           —Jimmy, Cross Plains, TX

...I've been a reader for many many years. I check your site weekly as well as receive Reason and Revelation via snail mail. Also, I love reading your past articles simply for well as doing research for classes and sermons.... [B]ottom line, your web site/articles and the great job you are doing are awesome!

           —Brad, Plumas Lake, CA

Thank you so much for devoting your lives to saving us! Knowing that you are here has given me the strength to face the challenges I am about to face with my daughter.... I can't afford private school but have always tried to be very involved with her education. This year her gifted class is studying Biology and every unit in the textbook addresses the "facts" of evolution. I nearly had a panic attack when I first saw the table of contents.... Thanks to the free downloads and the very affordable resources in your Webstore I feel armed for the battle ahead. I have scheduled a conference with her principal next week and will be talking to the parents of her friends. My greatest arsenal is my faith in my Father, and I am praying often for his wisdom and help. You are part of His answer. Thank you and God bless you!

           —Teresa, Valdosta, GA

...I thought I would write a quick note to let you know how much my family and I appreciate your book, Truth Be Told. We have been using it as a study guide this summer. Three or four nights a week, we all sit down together and, using the notes I've made ahead of time, learn from your book--chapter by chapter. My seven-year-old and I drew and colored a poster-sized illustration of a cell and learned so much from that time spent together my eleven-year-old is incredulous about the fact that grown-ups actually believe "transitional fossils" will someday be found! We are just starting chapter six and look forward to many more hours of good family time together. Thank you for providing a truthful, biblical alternative to the falsehoods they are already being bombarded with at school and everywhere else! Our whole family appreciates you so much.


Friends, I just purchased a copy of Truth Be Told at the “The Silencing of God in America” seminar in Fayetteville, NC while Brother Dave Miller was here at the Cape Fear Church of Christ. What a great book! My home schooled 11-year-old and I are already enjoying it!

           —Phil and Kathie, Fayetteville, NC

I just want to express a very hearty thank you for your seminars in Islam. I thought they were tremendously helpful in my study of Islam, helping me to…teach the Gospel to these folks.

           —Shane, McMinnville, TN

My son continues to love the Explorer Series. He tells me facts he's learned long after reading them. Thanks for creating a highly readable and enjoyable learning tool for children!

           —Marie, Santa Clara, CA

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts. I am a Christian fourth grade teacher in a public school. I struggle almost daily with the teachings of evolution in the textbooks in my classroom. Evolution is taught not only in Science books. In subtle ways it creeps into every subject and is spoken of as fact. This scares me! I often skip reading stories; use PowerPoint and no textbooks; or avoid topics altogether. I know that not all teachers do as I do. So, our children must be prepared. My husband just received his copy of Truth Be Told. I began reading and got so excited. I often am asked questions that I do not feel qualified to answer. Your book will help me in my classroom. I will use your book as a valuable resource. You explain things in such a way that complex concepts can be understood. Yesterday, in the Young Adult Class, I encouraged all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, and those that love our youth to get a copy of this book. I told them of my concerns as a public school teacher. I also encouraged all of them to sit down with their children and read and discuss this book. I think that it would be appropriate for grades 3 through high school and beyond. Once again, thank you for your hard work and your concern for our children. I will speak of your book everywhere I go.

           —Tammy, Dunlap, TN

“We are amazed at all the good AP is doing. Glad to be a part, and our prayers are for you and the entire staff.”

           —Sammy, Cookeville, TN

I attended Eric Lyons' seminar on Dinosaurs and it was very informative. Eric, keep up this good work.

           —Lee, Florence, AL

Thank you so very much for Bound Volume of Reason and Revelation and all other information. It’s all for the work of God. I do appreciate it. I noticed Truth for the World came by for a truckload of Reason and Revelation to send or take over seas. Wonderful! Always excited to hear about your plans for 2008. May God Continue to bless you all at Apologetics Press.

           —Conna, Shady Valley, TN

Thank you so much and know that my husband and I believe in the work that AP is doing and have seen the results first-hand.

We have a member at our church in Christiansburg that is a science graduate. He grew up as a member but had fallen away. He questioned many things and then found AP by accident. He started reading, studying and returned to church. He has now made the decision to go to preaching school.... We are blessed to have him as one of our brothers.

Thanks again for everything and keep up the great work. May God truly continue to bless AP in all that it does.

           —Darlene, Christiansburg, VA

I just finished reading your book Sexual Anarchy: The Moral Implosion Of America and it should be required reading in all homes, but especially among preachers, deacons, elders, and Bible class teachers. Keep up the good work.

           —Michael, DeKalb, TX

Thanks for all the material you labor to produce.

           —A., England

As a second-generation missionary to Mexico, I cannot begin to describe how much your apologetics ministry has meant to me personally and to our ministry efforts here. These are very dangerous and uncertain times that we are living in, and your work is fast becoming a fundamental reference source for serious Bible students. As an evangelist and preacher of the word, it is imperative that I have good, solid and updated information on scientific issues and Christian evidences. I want to thank you for your generous contribution to my own education in this area through your many articles and Bible studies that you have made available on the Internet. My prayer is that thousands more will discover your Web site and begin to seek God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength.

           —Philip, Mexico

I want to pay Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt a sincere compliment. I just read your book, Behold the Lamb of God, in the last two days. It is the best book I think you have written. I know some of the others are more widely read and are more enjoyable (children/teen books), but this book had to be a real challenge to do such in depth research even with all of the previous works done at AP. It was much more than I expected.... I especially loved chapter 3, which was totally new to me, I have not heard any of that stuff. Your research and use of quotes were just the right amount. Thanks for the good job.

           —Josh, Mayfield, KY

“Contradictions” are the most important thing that need to be answered for nonbelievers, because if anything is going to convert them, first their questions must be answered. I thank you personally, and I thank you for all those that WILL be saved because of your web site and those like it.... One knows the time, effort, dedication, and expertise that goes into such a site!

           —Jim, The Villages, FL

Thanks for all that you do. I read your Web site almost daily, and I cannot begin to tell you the EXCELLENT job you do in your section of alleged discrepancies. The greatest part is how you use modern day examples to illustrate a point.... You all do a wonderful work.

           —Eddie, Pendleton, IN

Thank you so much for the great work all of you do at AP. Thank you also for the outstanding book Behold! The Lamb of God.... [I]t is excellent. Thank you again for hanging in there for the Lord.... We are thankful for the commitment.

           —Jerry and LaDonna, Rolla, MO

Thank you so much for posting the article about John 8 on your site by Dave Miller. I have taught the exact same things from that text but have even begun to doubt myself and think "maybe I missed it" just because I have NEVER until now seen the same things stated.

           —Eric, Nara Ken, Japan

Kyle...and Eric, It is through both of you all’s writings that I have come to know the Lord better. Thank you for always answering all my questions.

           —Tony, Snyder, TX

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of sharing God's creation through the AP books.... They brought a lot of smiles to many children.... I shared with a little six-year-old girl named “Sassi” your publication on the book of Job. I marveled at her reading skills and delighted in the time we spent together, reading your book. Thank you for the work you do for the Lord.

           —Lisa, Prattville, AL

I admire and want to encourage you to keep addressing these “political” issues. These issues are actually life ethics and affect every realm of life. Politics only tries to control and use them; they are actually firmly in the realm of Christianity. Jesus commanded us to be light, and to expose the darkness. You are doing that. Thank you.

           —Triston, Shanghai, China

I just wanted to say thank you for making available the many interesting articles that can be read on your website. Recently I discovered the “Scripturally Speaking” articles and found them to be wonderful. I hope that others will take advantage of these articles and use them to further their knowledge of God's truth.

           —Don, Huntsville, AL

We pray for your success in 2007.... We appreciate all you do to strengthen the faith of Christians, especially the young. As the parents of three teenagers, we know the challenges to faith that the world puts before them. May God bless you.

           —Mike and Teresa, Fort Mill, SC

I would like to thank you for your excellent ministry. I have greatly appreciated your articles and would recommend you as an excellent resource.

           —Caleb, Topeka, KS

Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing a godly base for our science curriculum! What a blessing it was to learn about your company!

           —Tacy, Reading, PA

Thank you for a wonderfully informative website. I’ve only recently discovered it and have been reading the articles with great interest the past few weeks. Thanks again for a great website and all the work you do for God’s glory.

           —Karin, London, England

I accidentally found your site, and it is one of the best, if not the best, I have seen. You do a very very good job in treating each subject objectively and fairly and thoroughly. It is a great service to the Lord, the church, and the lost. I will be using your books on apologetics as reference material in a class I will be teaching here in Ekaterinburg in February. Thank you for helping me do a good job!

           —Kerby, Siberia

I am legally blind and cannot read your articles without a screen reader. I find all of your articles very interesting, truthful and faithful. I enjoy them greatly. I see the need for wide circulation of your subjects in this day and age. Since I have lost my vision I now see more each day, by faith. I was raised up in the way of the LORD and will not depart from it. I am of the opinion that we as Christians have let the world dictate how and where our children are educated and we fall short of the education for the soul. We need only to teach our children in the way of the LORD. I realize that sounds simplistic, yet the way to salvation is. May God continue to bless you all at A.P.

           —Bob, Orange Park, FL

My husband and I belonged to a “faith only” Up until I read your article, “In Defense of...God's Plan of Salvation” we had no idea baptism was necessary for salvation.

           —Keira, Phoenix, AZ

I just wanted to say thank you for providing many articles in the Spanish language. Our students from the Hispanic Department visit the Spanish version of your website often. They are being blessed by all the information that Apologetics Press is putting out. Please continue to provide this information. We have not been able to find a better website that carries information like yours. We appreciate very much your efforts. May God continue to bless all of you at Apologetics Press.

           —Willie, Bedford, TX

This week I watched the 5-part DVD series on The Silencing of God. That material is sobering, uplifting and discouraging. I believe the public school system cheated me in the selective history that was taught. After watching it, you feel you are living at the end of a great thing, or, perhaps, the beginning of a very bad thing....You did a masterful job.

           —Weylan, Fort Worth, TX

I was searching the Web for Christian home study courses and clicked on your Web site. To say the least, I am very impressed with your scripturally sound presentation of the truth. I am also impressed with the manner in which you present the truth—well-researched and documented.

           —Dave, Alberta, Canada

I hope this video (The Silencing of God DVD) will receive wide distribution. I enjoyed your articles but this is more dramatic.

           —David, St. Charles, MO

I sincerely want to thank you for your informative and sobering video series The Silencing of God. I have shared these with my friends and they too were impacted by the message. You have done an excellent job on presenting this vital message in a clear and concise manner.

           —Tom, Apex, NC

May God continue to bless your work.

           —Dan, Plover, WI

Both of our girls love to “read.” Even before they could actually read, they loved “reading” through books. (Their library is almost as large as their dad’s.) They are allowed to take one book to bed to read before they go to sleep (or at least that’s “the rule”). They have been permitted (by their push-over parents) to get out of bed only to go to the restroom or to get a different book off the shelf. Usually the “one-book-at-a-time” rule is ignored. We frequently come into their rooms at night or the next morning and find their beds literally covered in books and sometimes their little bodies blanketed by them. The point of this story: more often than not the books that are on the bed are the A.P. Reader books.

           —David, West Palm Beach, FL

Just want to let Dave know that I think he did a great job with The Silencing of God and I hope to get it in as many hands as I can.

           —David, Nevada, MO

Many thanks to all the brethren working with and supporting AP; your work is thorough, consistent and a true asset to those set for “the defense and confirmation of the gospel” of Christ (Philippians 1:7).

           —Jon, Waldorf, MD

I received the DVD The Silencing of God and I want to thank you for it. I have shown it to several people and also are sharing it at our Wednesday night studies. It is very well done and it reminds us of our Christian heritage as well as showing the moral decline of our nation. Again, thank the staff of at Apologetics Press for the fine work of all of your literature (Reason & Revelation and other literature).

           —Glen, La Grande, OR

We have been viewing The Silencing of God DVDs in our men's breakfasts and it is being very well received.... I appreciate your good work and have been supporting A.P. for years. It is invaluable to me.

           —Dennis, Christiansburg, VA

I just recently saw your DVD Silencing of God. Very powerful. I am hoping our elders will have our Bible classes view it soon. May God continue to bless you all and the wonderful work you do.

           —Karen, Chino, CA

I have no words to express my gratitude for your wonderful work in the Lord's ministry, particularly the...seminars. These are being used with the educated class of youngsters and their family members. Please pray for us.

           —Viji, India

Your seminar The Silencing of God: Dismantling Our Christian Heritage had an enormous impact on me. I bought the CDs also and listened to them a number of times since then. Your information put a fire in me to learn more about these issues. For the past 8-10 months, I have studied almost non-stop about the concerns you brought up...The battle for this world may be a losing battle, but as Christians, if we concern ourselves with staying on track, and helping others to find the track too, we can make all the difference spiritually, where it all counts anyway.... For my part, I am going to concentrate on becoming mature in Christ.

           —Chris, Olympia, WA

Just read the article on Regenerative Baptism. It fits the scriptures. Has no "interpretation" of a passages so as to change its meaning, but relies on the obvious meaning of the words of each text. Congratulations on not trying to build a doctrine that puts aside both repentance and water baptism.

           —Paul, Portland, Oregon

I have just come across an article on your site by Thompson and Harrub, regarding the dilemmas faced by relatives/guardians of someone who is classed as “brain dead”. They discuss legal, medical, ethical. and moral issues, relating also to Christian teachings and beliefs. This is one of the most intersting, thought provoking, sensible articles on this and possibly on any related subject I have ever had occasion to read.

I am a nurse (RGN) having worked in nursing for 27 years. I have worked for a long period in a hospice, similar in acute medical area, and now I am a parenteral/enteral nurse advisor.

Consequently this article is very relevant to me and often to my patient's needs.

I do find that alot of medical, nursing staff are not remotely aware or interested in this topic, apart from the practicalities of nutrition. ... [A]s I often think deeply regarding these subjects, this article is a gift to me. I will certainly be recommending it to various colleagues too. It appears to have relevance even for non-Christians. So please pass on my sincere thanks to the authors and thanks for the opportunity to view it must go to yourselves.

           —Catherine, Lincoln, England

I would just love to thank you for all the work you have been doing for the Lord, as I am a 17-year-old high school senior who got accepted into Albany College of Pharmacy by the grace of God. I will have to deal with a lot of the evolutionary doctrine which will be taught. I pray for you and thank you for the work you do not only for science, but also for the Kingdom of Christ, the Church of Christ. ... It is my hope that I may be able to find and make widely available the cure for cancer....

Thank you and may God bless everyone of you and that which you do for His cause.

           —Ced, Albany, New York

Thanks to Caleb Colley for his insightful article on the call for renewal of animal sacrifices among some Orthodox Jews.

           —Danny, Neosho, MO

We are so thankful to everyone at Apologetics Press for the excellent work that is being done so faithfully throughout the years. The quality just keeps getting better as you continue to help so many build their faith. We pray for you always and I know God will continue to bless your efforts as you continue to glorify him.

           —Jerry, Columbia, SC

Thanks for your outstanding work as we depend on you and the information you provide. You truly are advancing the gospel of Christ.

           —Stewart, Burbank, CA

We love Apologetics press. We use the web site all the time. It’s truly an invaluable resource in advancing the Kingdom.

           —Stewart, Van Nuys, CA

I sincerely wish to thank you for sending me the bound volume of Reason & Revelation for 2006. I appreciate this tremendous assistance to me from time to time. May God bless you and all the staff at Apologetics Press. I know this kind of work demands a lot of sacrifices and I believe that all the sacrifices you are making will not be in vain. I hope you will continue to maintain my name on your mailing list. Thank you.

           —Kenneth, Ghana, West Africa

I am writing a paper on Matthew Fontaine Maury and have found your page quite valuable in understanding him.

           —Matt, Lincoln, NE

First, let me say “thank you” for the tremendous work you do to help strengthen the faith of Christians around the world. I use your materials and browse your Web site on a regular basis. In fact, I have purchased at least 10 copies of your book Investigating Christian Evidences and either sold them (no profit) or given them to just as many people as well as highly recommended your site and books to countless more. I have also purchased several copies of your Christian Evidences Correspondence Course and routinely share them with people with whom I study the Bible. [The courses] present a very clear and straightforward approach to apologetics and are a great introduction to the subject. Beyond the scientific evidence for creation and the existence of God, I was most impressed by your obvious grasp of scripture dealing with the necessity of following God's complete plan of salvation....

           —Jerod, Billings, MT

As a new Christian, this is the site I have been looking for.... [B]eing from a scientific/logic background it is refreshing to see for myself what is not generally known as fact, neither is it exposed through the mainstream media. I look forward to reading everything on the site, and I am appreciative of the work you have put in to make this available to the general public.

           —Ronald, Chicago, IL

I found your site for the first time through Google (more specifically GMail), and I’m very happy that God is right in the middle of things! Your link was with the other text ads, very nonchalant.... I just wanted to let you know I’m happy.

           —Chad, Cheatham, MA

Please pass on my compliments and thanks to Dr. Brad Harrub for his excellent article on organ donation and transplantation. As a kidney/pancreas organ recipient...I found Dr. Harrub’s article to be informative, balanced, and edifying.

           —Rich, Poplar Grove, IL

I want to assure all of you that you are in my prayers.... I appreciate the great work that you do. I thank God for you everyday. I am currently putting together a list of new subscribers to Reason and Revelation.... I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you.

           —James, Newport News, VA

I am thankful for...the seminar The Silencing of God by Dave Miller. It was very eye-opening! Thank you, Brother Miller, for the many hours of research you have done, for your sacrifice of time and your God-given ability to take this much needed seminar to our beloved and endangered America. I pray that all who hear with their ears, will hear with their hearts and take responsibility as Christian citizens in these crucial times. We purchased the Silencing of God and the The Quran Unveiled DVDs for our church library. We are hoping that our elders will use them in some of our classes. God be with you and give you strength, wisdom, and protection.

           —Winnie, Glenpool, OK

Because of Receiving the Gift of Salvation I’ve asked to be baptized.... I’m eternally grateful for what Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons did to bring this to myself and other.

           —Kevin, Waynesboro, PA

All we can say for you folks at Apologetics Press is, “Praise the Lord, and keep going!”.... Everything you do is for the glory of our God and Father. May He continue to bless your labor of love. The Web site is a vital resource for all who want to know the Truth. That is what we appreciate most about Apologetics Press. You never leave us in doubt....

           —Jesse and Beverly, Wetumpka, AL

You gentlemen are doing such marvelous work. It is comforting to know that whatever issue is coming up…you all are quick to respond to them with scripture. We thank the good Lord above for you.... [W]e have benefited from…the seminar DVD The Silencing of God: The Dismantling of America’s Christian Heritage. We gave a copy to our elders and they are in the process of viewing.

           —Jerry and Donna, Santa Maria, CA

It is great and enlightening to read the articles in your Web site. It sheds lights on our understanding of God's word and His will.

           —Leon, Hong Kong

“I always enjoy the article summaries from Jim Estabrook; this Monday was no exception.”

           —Joe, West Palm Beach, FL

Just wanted to say that I appreciate your article on The Audacity to Say ‘Yes, Sir’? It was great and I just ran it our church bulletin. All your work is outstanding. Keep up your good work.

           —Michael, DeKalb, TX

We are grateful for you using God’s Creation itself to prove the Bible true and evolution a lie.... We are so thankful to our God that we do not believe any of the false religions that Satan has perpetuated like evolution, Islam, and Hinduism.... My prayer is that God would give your staff both the...wisdom of Solomon, not only about that which you understand but wisdom in your ability to present it....

           —Rod, San Diego, CA

I love Truth Be Told. I truly believe it is the BEST Creationist science book out there (information, illustration typesetting, everything). And I think it’s one more kids would pick up and read than many of the others. Wonderful!

           —Charles, Gulf Breeze, FL

I just wanted to thank everyone for the work they do on this site. When times get rough, then it is always good to see brethren write articles about how to handle trouble as a Christian. I have been spared a lot of heartache through reading material on this site, as it all relates to God’s Word.... This is one of the main sites that I stop by and study, which was referenced to me by a sister of the church who knew that I always visited the Christian Courier site. So, I thank you all for your efforts.

           —Anthony, Dayton, OH

I earnestly thank God for the unadulterated word of God that is presented in your website. This work has been a source of help to me in searching for the truth. I sincerely pray God to continually enrich you with strength and power in doing His will....

           —Oyerinde, Ogun State, Nigeria

Thanks for all the work that goes into your website! God Bless.

           —Danny, Cedar Park, TX

I must commend you on this set of articles. I especially like the one on Global Warming.

           —Mark, Colorado Springs, CO

My brother’s name is Bill, and he is five years old. He watches Digger Doug’s Underground over and over on DVD and on GBN and has memorized facts and names of dinosaurs, as well as the different words examined each episode (as defined each time by Willie the Word Worm).

The other day, Dustin and Bill were playing with some of Bill’s dinosaur toys. Dustin said one of the names of the dinosaurs and Bill responded, “No, Dustin, that’s all wrong!” He proceeded to correct Dustin’s pronunciation and included a few additional facts about that particular dinosaur.

           —Robert, Henderson, TN

I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for making all of the material on the website available to everyone who has an ear to hear (or in this case, mostly eyes to see). I have been utterly absorbed by all of the fantastic articles, research and much needed information on the Apologetics Press website. I have already been using this invaluable resource to bless some of my colleagues and friends with and will continue doing so. May our Heavenly Father continue to pour out His blessings on you and your organization.

           —Riaan, South Africa

As always, keep up the good work. I love the research and thoughtfulness behind every article.

           —Aaron, Henderson, TN

Thank you for…your new book on the church.... I appreciate so much all your efforts. I’m confident this book will be well-received and well-used here.

           —David, West Palm Beach, FL

I have enjoyed reading your articles and have used the material in an impromptu debate that I have started in the local newspaper.... Your articles have been a huge help and I want to personally thank you....

           —Bob, Tower, MN

Thank you so much for the work that you do. We have recently used The Silencing of God seminar in our Wednesday night Bible class. It was extremely eye-opening and made us want to order copies for friends and co-workers in hopes that more can be aware of how we are becoming conditioned in this country.

           —Ken and Dawn, Mabelvale, AR

I want to thank you for your website. I reference it a lot when it comes to discussion of creation vs. evolution. Apologetics should, in my opinion, be a part of sharing the gospel in our generation. There’s just so much misinformation out there. It’s enough to cast doubt in believers and non-believers alike who are not aware of the problems with the evolution story.... Again, thanks for all the hard work you do. It really makes a difference.

           —John, Charlotte, NC

My sincere thanks goes to Brother Kyle Butt for his recent article titled “More Problems for Alleged Human Evolution”.... I thank you for helping to educate so many.

           —Nathan, Memphis, TN

....[A]rticles this month are excellent!

           —Wayne, Liberty Corner, NJ

WOW!!!! And again I say, WOW!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. And I thank God for you all.... It is with tears of joy I am writing this and praising God in my heart. You have no idea the joy that has overwhelmed me with the materials you have blessed us with. I was just saying to my husband the other day, I just wish I could find other ways to get this material (the Discovery for kids) into the hands of more people. Now, these tracts!!!! I was so elated about the books that I did not look at the tracts until this morning…. I cannot wait to sit down and send in an order and start dispersing them. We must all pray also for those whose eyes are blinded by the darkness of sin that enslaves them. To all at Apologetics are in my prayers. May God’s blessings, peace, and love be with you all....

           —Karen, Brighton, IL

Greetings in Jesus' name! I received your package this week to my joy and happiness! I can’t say how much I am so grateful! I am so happy and know that these books will help equip the saints here in Uganda to contend for the faith! I am sure that many will be blessed here at my school. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do! I am so grateful! God bless and keep you all in His love!

           —Nicholas, Uganda

My wife, Claudia, took the kids to the Pell City (Alabama) public library last week. My son (age 6) wanted to get some books about dinosaurs because there is a T-Rex exhibit at the Anniston Museum of Natural History that he wants to go see. While they were looking for books, one of the librarians pulled out Dinosaurs Unleashed. She asked if we had seen it and she highly recommended it! Claudia told her that we were indeed familiar with the book and, in fact, we were the ones who had donated it to the library. Claudia looked, and the book has been checked out several times! I though you would like to know how well received those books have been! They are not only being checked out, but the librarians are recommending them!

           —Joe, Talladega, AL

Just wanted to say, “Thanks, and keep up the good work.” I downloaded a couple of articles to help me in Wednesday night Bible class. I’m so glad you had information available from the Scriptures. We are enjoying our subscription, and so is my Dad.

           —Christa, Franklin, TN

I am a production manager of...a Christian radio station in the Dominican Republic.... Your web page has been of a great blessing for me and our ministry in the Dominican Republic.

           —Alejandro, Dominican Republic

Thanks so much for the book, Receiving the Gift of Salvation. I think it will be very useful in our upcoming city-wide campaign…. It really does a great job of defeating the question of “Salvation by Faith Alone”. We are looking forward to seeing you again any time you are in the area.

           —John, Lavonia, GA

“AP is much more real to me now. I have gone out to the online bookstore and looked at things but never ordered until after you were here. I was happy to see that one or two of the books I got.... I also bought the first of the Digger Doug DVD series.... I plan to buy Volume 2 and 3 of the series also.... Thanks for your part in making creation so easy for the kids to understand.”

           —Roni, Raytown, MO

Thanks so much for preparing such wonderful materials for study, discussions, and for making them appropriate for sharing with almost anyone! If you could send me 2 or 3 copies of your DVD for introducing people and congregations to you, I'll be glad to pass them on.

           —Sherry, South Point, OH

My husband and I teach 4th, 5th, and 6th graders in Sunday school. We have been using your wonderful tracts as a tool in teaching the class. The children love the lessons and enjoy the activities and stories with each one.... Thank you so much for writing these tracts and keep up the good work. We hope to have another series to use in our classes when we finish these lessons.

           —Barbara, Tyler, TX

A special thanks for the book What the Bible Says about the Church of Christ. I have been a member of the Lord’s church for 57 years and I’ve never read anything as beautiful and as simple as you have written about the church of Christ. I wasn’t quite finished with reading this book when I saw an opportunity to give it to some non-believers. I want to order 10 more copies.... I wish everyone could read this book.

           —Dorothy, Rogers, AR

I want to thank [you] for the truth on John Clayton and “Does God Exist?” It is wonderful to know that true Christians will expose those that do false teachings. I have given this information to several that have been taking this publication and now know not to continue any longer with this publication of “Does God Exist?”

           —Carolyn, Heber Springs, AR

I have been traveling around to a few churches in the area and some of them haven't heard of AP yet. Now I have something to show them instead of just telling them about it. I really like what you are doing, and I owe a lot to AP for why my faith is so strong today. I will try to get the news about you spread around here in my area. Although I can't help you out much financially on my own, I will try to encourage churches to purchase your material for their classes and church libraries. Thanks again for all you've done. God Bless!

           —Aaron, Paragould, AR

Thanks so much for this information. I will endeavor to disseminate it far and wide. May God of peace be with you both now and forever.

           —Laws, Cambridge, England

I wish to extend my deep appreciation for what you are doing to make Apologetics Press live all the time. You are of great help for those of us who are called to defend faith. I love this ministry for both knowledge and tools for the job to be done, and for information. Please keep sending me updates and may our gracious good Lord Jesus bless your ministry.

           —Joseph, Zanzibar, Tanzania

I have been reading your book The Quran Unveiled and also using your video series on Islam and the Quran in my Wednesday night class with the teens. Your material has been a tremendous help to me in understanding more about this religion and the threat it poses to the world and America. Thank you for the hard work and effort you have put into this.... May God continue to bless you...and the outstanding work you guys do through AP.

           —Kirk, Rockledge, FL

“I appreciate your fine articles, and the continued work at Apologetics Press.”

           —Lucas, Belle, MO

Digger Doug's Underground - LOVE IT! ... I was really impressed.

           —Sasha, Henderson, TN

I recently returned from being stateside and have almost all of the new AP books to show the brethren. Orders will follow, no doubt.... Keep it up for Him.

           —Rod, New Zealand

I believe the Silencing of God DVD is a great tool. I have shared it with my friends.... Thanks so much.

           —Jack, Fresno, CA

May God Bless you all for the work that you do and for the materials you provide for us, to counter the lies of evolution. Also...this afternoon I watched several segments of Kyle Butt’s DVD Out with Doubt...simply awesome (again)! Thanks a lot for everything and may God bless you all at AP!

           —Michael, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Thank you for your great magazines. My favorite article is “Did People Really Evolve?” from the Explorer Series. I am an 8th grade homeschooler and my mom uses articles from your magazines in our Biology 2 class.

           —Emily, Collinsville, IL

Your work is phenomenal. It is needed and appreciated. I find myself coming back to your Web site over and over. You have strengthened me and those whom I have the opportunity to teach. The research that goes into your writing and speaking is evident; your talents are second to none. When reading anything written by Dave, Kyle, or Eric, I know that it is the product of careful research and long hours of preparation, that it will treat the subject comprehensively and clearly, that it will be fair and accurate, and that there is no bias or agenda motivating it. You have few equals among students and teachers of the Bible. In addition, those who maintain the Web site, help in production, take and ship orders, etc. do an incredible job, as they have for a long time. Thank you all, and keep up the good work.

           —Jake, Jay, FL

I have studied your Web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. I found that all your material is full of knowledge concerning development of religious faith.

           —Fahim, Pakistan

I would like to thank Dave Miller for his book about Richland Hills and instrumental music.... I ordered twelve copies and sent them to my in-laws hoping to stop the confusion that had developed over music in worship. Therefore, our deepest thanks are extended to Brother Miller…. Through your book, we may be able to retain our fellowship with my wife's brother and sisters....

           —Danny, Elkton, KY

I appreciate all the hard work that for Christianity.... I want to encourage you to push forward as hard as possible. The materials from sources like AP, provide weapons for the rest of us out here in the world to continue the fight.

           —Kelly, Huntsville, AL

I have been listening to the mP3 sermons you have available. [Eric Lyons] is really a great speaker. I especially liked the evolution and dinosaur stuff. I had read the papers on your site but they do not do justice to him speaking it. I very much appreciate the work being done there and I will keep you in my prayers.

           —Scott, Hudson, OH

Greetings in the most precious name of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ! ... I am immeasurably blessed and benefited from the commentaries and lessons in the book and journals. It is very convincing, powerful, thought-provoking, highly informative and scholarly.... I have shared it with my friend…. Although he is quite defensive, he wants also to talk me in near future. I have really gathered much information from the books and journals (The Anvil Rings, Receiving the Gift of Salvation, and Reason & Revelation). You have done an outstanding job.... I wholeheartedly recommend your literature to new Christians as well as seasoned Christians…. Eric Lyons, I would like to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks to you and to the entire staff of Apologetics Press. Thanks so very much…. May God continue to bless your important ministry. You have been remembered in my prayers. Once again, Thanks so very much.

           —Gerson, Philippines

Thank you for making the home study courses available for free! I am teaching a teen girls’ Bible class and a lot of questions about Satan have been popping up.... I printed the lesson out for each girl and we had a slumber party/study session the first Friday of this month…. I had them come ready with their questions written down and was so glad to have been able to let them answer their own questions after having gone through the text! They all became much more aware of Satan.... One of the girls was not yet a Christian. After seeing the seriousness of sin in her life and the reality of the presence of the devil, she was baptized into Christ this last Sunday for the remission of her sins! I thank you so much for helping me to be a better teacher and for the resources available to help bring lost souls to Christ!

           —Lynda, Rogue River, Oregon

Please keep up the great work of standing for the Truth and spreading the gospel of Christ!

           —Neal, Haleyville, AL

Thank you for keeping me informed through your regular e-mails whenever there are new articles posted in the Apologetics Press website. I am a regular visitor to your site for sometime now and have found it very educational in providing me the “food that nourishes my soul.” I would also like to make a donation and assist in your great work of preaching the Word.... Again, thank you for your great work.

           —Nathan, Olongapo City, Philippines

Thank you for all your hard work at Apologetics Press.

           —Mary, Montgomery, AL

I just want to thank you all your staff for the excellent job you are doing at A.P. Everything that I have read from any of you has been biblical and written in a most scholarly manner. The distinction that you all are setting is sorely needed in today’s world. I pray for your work regularly and will continue to do so.

           —James, Montgomery, AL

Praised be Jesus Christ! Thank you for the books The Quran Unveiled and Receiving the Gift of Salvation, as well as the info on Catholicism. Because of Receiving the Gift I’ve asked to be baptized. I had the typical infant baptism that all Catholics get, but since I’ve come to faith I haven’t been baptized and I think a lot of uncertainty and sin in my life is due to that fact. When we die with Christ in baptism we receive the power to live a resurrected life. This is what I earnestly desire. I’m eternally grateful for what you and Eric did to bring this to myself and others.

           —Kevin, Waynesburg, PA

I just finished reading The Book of Mormon: A Book of Mistakes, Error, and Fraud in preparation for an upcoming study with some young Mormon ladies, and I just wanted you to know how impressed I am with this document! I have studied at length with a different set of ladies late last year and found a lot of great information, but none as easy to read, simple, and understandable as this was. Thank you so much for a well-written, well-researched document on the problems with the Book of Mormon. I look forward to searching your website for other great resources. May God continue to bless your efforts.

           —Stacy, Conway, AR

My family recently went to see “Walking with Dinosaurs: the Live Experience.” We knew that it would be filled with evolutionary nonsense, but my parents wanted to take the kids and the kids would just love to see moving dinosaurs that looked like the real thing. But we had to be prepared before we went, so we read Dinosaurs Unleashed to the kids, working our way through it very slowly. With the help of your book, we dismantled the assumptions that we knew would be present in the show, explaining to them that the earth is young, that dinosaurs never "ruled the earth", that they did not evolve into birds, and that life did not evolve in fits and starts with some species being present long before others…. Thanks for providing us with a fabulous resource so that my kids could enjoy the marvel of dinosaurs and appreciate them for what they are: God's amazing creation. We felt like Job viewing the Leviathan and Behemoth. Actually, when the Brachiosaurus came out during the show, my son asked me if that was Behemoth. Looked like Behemoth to me! Thanks again!

           —Laura, Katy, TX

I love your site! Keep up the good work, and let's continue to praise the Lord together!

           —Murphy, Taichung, Taiwan

Your wonderful articles help us prepare sermons and lessons aplenty!... It is encouraging and heartening to those of us who serve in rural areas to see the tremendous impact of ministries such as Apologetics Press, wherein so very many are attracted to and built up in the Lord. Y'all do a great work and many souls will be saved because of it!

           —Al, Camp Wood, TX

I just have to say that I am so very grateful for your ministry and the work God does through you at When I was just a budding apologist, your materials were (and truly still are) a constant source of help in the effort to always have an answer on topics ranging from biblical inerrancy to the creation/evolution debate.

           —Dan, Harrisburg, PA

I appreciate very much the materials that AP continues to produce and publish. Three years ago, I began studying with a young woman.... She was as close to an agnostic as I have ever experienced personally. She had been swayed by the many multi-million dollar programs that media uses to promote evolution and attack the Bible. I used AP's tracts to dismantle her convictions and build faith in the Bible and its doctrines. She obeyed the gospel after almost a year and half of studying. We also use AP materials in the home. My four-year-old loves Does God Love Michael's Two Daddies? by Mrs. Sheila Butt. In fact, it's her favorite book! For several months, I couldn't read anything else at our bedtime routine. To prepare for a recent 12-day mission trip, I recorded myself reading the book so that she would have my voice and her favorite book. We are thankful for the many other books for preschoolers made available by the capable AP staff. Thank you!

           —David, Andalusia, AL

I greatly appreciated The Silencing of God Seminar as did everyone who attended. The historical facts you presented make it obvious that the Founders intended for this nation to be a Christian nation. It is unfathomable how far our nation has plunged into the ideologies of liberals! I only hope more Christian Americans will wake up to what is going on in our nation and do something about it! I plan to purchase several copies of the seminar and present it to as many people as I can. I firmly believe we can have an impact if we Christians can stand united and not let ourselves be dictated and brainwashed by liberal activists. Anything is possible with God, and if God is for us, who can be against us?

           —Justin, Ruston, LA

We received a...copy of The Silencing of God DVD at our church. I have begun reviewing it, and even before that is complete, I want to know how to get more copies. The subject is so very timely, powerfully presented, and it gets our “motivational engine” started! We will find a suitable way to present it to our...congregation when we meet to consider desired achievements for this coming year. For me, personally, I want to send copies to friends and family members.

           —Jim, Anacortes, WA

I was just looking up some alleged Bible contradictions and I came across your site. I just want to say it's great that you answer these type of questions. I live in New Jersey and work on Wall Street, and I am constantly in the middle of debate because of my Faith.... [Y]our site has given me a greater wealth of Biblical knowledge to supplement my faith and help me to better understand for myself a lot of the things I read. Now I'm able to share that knowledge when necessary.

Plus I'm thoroughly disgusted by the useless and utterly ignorant claims of some of the people who say the Bible contradicts itself.... But then again, the Bible tells us this will happen, so I should not be so surprised. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight and thanks for all you do.

           —Roy, Orange, NJ

I wanted to let you know that our grandson, almost 4, really enjoys the Digger Doug video you sent—and the books too. They are good books. I’ve read all of the children’s books to him. We are going to buy some more of the videos for him.

           —Judy, Pulaski, TN

Thank you so much for...your latest publications for children—they are wonderful. Even us retired folks enjoy reading them! The photography and art work are excellent. They will certainly be an asset to all children to learn about God and His Word. We will give them to some children who will enjoy and benefit from them—for many years. The progress of your work is truly remarkable. We thank the Lord for supplying the talents, wisdom, and funds you need as you continue enlightening thousands of people in so many different ways.

           —Wayne and Gloriann, Merlin, OR

I hope things are going well with you.... Keep up the good work of contending for the faith. We need the Apologetics Press to continue to be in the forefront of this great battle against unbelief.

           —Stan, Richmond, TX

We are appreciative of the quality of the material—in particular the spiritual quality. Thank you all for your work and dedication to our Lord.

           —Larry and Vicki, Colleyville, TX

I look forward to seeing more on this subject (Human Dominion vs. Animal/Plant Rights).... You all are doing a wonderful service.

           —Tim, Hampton, VA

My husband and I ordered this DVD and we found it to be the most powerful DVD we have ever seen and it taught us so much. We just want Brother Miller to know what a wonderful job he did on it and we are telling the brethren about it and that they need to get it and pass it out to everyone. We also got the Out with Doubt DVD and please let Brother Butt know how much we enjoy his programs and look forward to watching the DVD. We are firm believers in Apologetics Press....

           —Joe and Darla, Old Glory, Texas

Thank you for your wonderful publication Reason & Revelation and your other books. Keep up the good work! God Bless each of you.

           —Kay, Del City, OK

Thanks so much for the excellent & scriptural work you’re doing. I appreciate the books and monthly Reason & Revelation. I always pass them on.

           —Millie, Hartville, MO

Thanks for all the good work you do. May God continue to bless your efforts for good. Thanks for all the free books you send us.

           —Jesse & Virginia, Vernon, AL

You are doing a good work.

           —Willard and Judy, Pulaski, TN

Keep up the good work!!

           —Bill and Betty, Hartselle, AL

Your work is very good.

           —Kenny, Pine Bluff, AR

The materials you sent are excellent.

           —Kenny, Pine Bluff, AR

Thank you Apologetics Press for the great work you do. You have made my job as a parent much easier. Keep up the good work!

           —Mary, Decatur, AL

We at Freeport Church of Christ are so thankful for your good works at Apologetics Press. We pray that each of you continue to be blessed by our Lord.... May God bless you.

           —Freeport Church of Christ, Freeport, FL

You just made a huge difference in my life and we just want to say thank you. “We give thanks God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers” (1 Thess. 1:2). Thank you from the bottom of our hears for all the kindness you have shown to the children.... We are so enjoying our Discovery magazines. What a blessing they have been! ... The kids are eating them up! We don’t really know how to say thank you for all you have done.

           —Angie & Pete, Wetumpka, AL

It was so nice to receive a copy of your new book, Surveying The Evidence recently. I’m glad to be with a congregation that supports AP financially. Thank you for all that you do and the added benefit of sending good books our way!

           —Dennis, Mabelvale, AR

Just received your books Surveying the Evidence and April 2008 report.... I thoroughly enjoy your material. I know of no other like it. Thanks.

           —Bob, Chesapeake, OH

Thank you for your recent new book Surveying the Evidence. I know it will be a great help in my service to God. Thank you and God bless you all for the work you are doing for the glory of our Heavenly Father.

           —Carroll, Columbus, GA

While recently teaching a ladies class on Christian Evidences I purchased several items from AP. But I also made liberal use of your website and I appreciate the work you do to make this available. Keep building the foundation for our future.... Almost every home with school-age children in our congregation now has either Dinosaurs Unleashed or Truth Be Told for study!

           —Revita, Cleveland, TN

Words cannot express our appreciation to you for coming today. All of us science teachers are Christians, and we feel helpless sometimes when teaching “by the book.” Naturally, we all add our own beliefs to the chapter(s), when applicable. If we can’t give you something in return for your presentation, we can offer you our prayers. Our prayer will be that you continue to educate and make a difference wherever you may go. You are to be highly commended! Thank you. Thank you for the books! ... The students loved them!! They kept them closely all day long.

           —Monnie and Lillian, Savannah, TN

Thank you for the booklets, book, etc. My grandchildren will enjoy the booklets.... May our God continue to bless your work and His church in every place.

           —George and Edna, Williamsburg, VA

My son absolutely loves the Digger Doug's Underground DVDs! … These are exactly what I’ve been seeking for my science-loving son. We’ve been through National Geographic and DK DVDs and books but they obviously focus on old-Earth and evolution.

           —Kristen, San Diego, CA

Thank you very much for the website and resources that you provide. I just watched the movie Expelled and it was very sobering. I’m glad that I found out about it and it was through your website that I did. Thanks again and may the Lord continue to bless all of you for providing this much needed information.

           —Bridget, Cary, NC

In the article Assumption-Based Rejection of Design Le Page once again uses the micro-evolution argument to justify macro-evolution. Of course the uninformed general public always bites that hook and believes what the evolutionists say. Love your articles.

           —Mark, Colorado Springs, CO

Thanks for sending your newsletter. I enjoy the articles and learn from them. Keep up the good work. You are unique in the brotherhood in this apologetic type of effort.

           —Don, Searcy, AR

I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and heartfelt thanks to you and to the entire staff of Apologetics Press..... Words fail to express how grateful I am to the Lord for your competent and able ministries.

           —Gerson, Philippines

Thank you for presenting this Silencing of God seminar. I've used this with our single adults and it was very well received. May God continue to bless you and Apologetics Press in your work for Him.

           —Steve, Chattanooga, TN

Regarding your Silencing of God seminar, I have one word..."Awesome!" I bought extra copies of the DVD and have shared them with my family and friends. May the Lord grant you long life and good health, so you can continue to do what you are doing for many years to come. Your work is touching more people than you know and is stirring a spiritual awakening in many included. Thank you for that!

           —Jonathan, Henderson, TN

I love your products! I homeschool…. My sons love A Son Who Ran Away and A Patient Man from Uz…. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!

           —Amy, Jonesborough, TN

As I was reading I got excited because of your biblical approach to salvation–which includes baptism…. I was hoping somebody else had seen the light on baptism and there was another great awakening happening. I have signed up for your newsletter and will add you to my favorites list.

           —Buddy, Albany, GA

I am immensely benefited and blessed from the hard-hitting, comprehensive and up-to-date articles from Reason and Revelation. It is a truly inspiring and uplifting journal for novice as well as seasoned Christians. It has helped me to fathom more fully the simple-yet-profound truths about Creation…, the Bible, the cardinal doctrines of New Testament Christianity, the nature and attributes of God, and so much more.

           —Gerson, Pagadian City, Philippines

I am very impressed with your Alleged Discrepancies section—it is very impressive, and the explanations are outstanding. Thank you.

           —Tony, Armed Forces Pacific

I enjoyed Dave Miller's article Is America Doomed, Part II very much. I think it is vital for our citizens to know our history as a Christian nation…. God bless you and your work.

           —Ron, Prattville, AL

Dr. Miller is a gifted writer, and I sure appreciate his impassioned articles dealing with America and her future…. God bless you and all your fellow laborers for the Lord!

           —Harry, Fairburn, GA

I appreciated each of you coming and giving fine lessons…. Just keep on doing the good work for the Lord.

           —Lily, Montgomery, AL

I thought the article entitled False Charges Against Creationists was well articulated. Thank you! I will be sure to share this with my engineering colleagues…. I really enjoyed Investigating Christian Evidences and Dinosaurs Unleashed.

           —Sean, Peoria, IL

Thank you so much for blessing us…with wonderful observations from God’s Word…. May God bless you with His purpose.

           —Lisa, Prattville, AL

I have studied your Web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the true Word of God.

           —Fahim, Pakistan

A.P. has such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all the work A.P. does…. May God bless you in all your work.

           —Pam, Prattville, AL

My family and I enjoy your products very much and look forward to seeing more from your company. Thanks.

           —Maisha, Misawa, Japan

This is in response to your reprint of 'NASA and Joshua's lost day’.... I know that religion and science are often at odds with certain facts (or what is put forth as fact). Proponents from both sides are guilty of 'stretching the truth’ or worse.... I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes after slogging through pages of charges and countercharges with inexcusable name-calling from supposedly Christian sources and then finding your page with a clear and straightforward admission [that some religionists had used an error as evidence] and a call to correct the error. How refreshing to hear from a true Christian organization that practices what they preach. While I may not agree with you on much of what you believe, I salute you for your courage and integrity. The world could use a few million more people with your class and character, regardless of faith.

           —Benjamin, McAllen, TX

Thank you for serving the Lord in this way. I pray my three little boys will grow up to defend the truth as lovingly and effectively as you. I appreciate the materials you provide to better equip them with the tools they need to reach their generation. It is desperately needed in a society that values science over the Word.

           —Yvonne, Wauchula, FL

I have studied your Web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the true Word of God.

           —Napoleon, Pakistan

I thank God for you and the wonderful, awesome work He does through your ministry. Is it not just absolutely beautiful, invigorating, and life-changing how Christ comes alive in willing and pliable hearts and brings such wonderful works to bear. Otherwise, without God’s love, mercy, and grace extended to us through His Son and Christ working His wonders in us, we would still be ignorant of such and totally lost. Thank you for the marvelous part you play in not only dispensing the Truth but defending it.

           —Jim, Fort Wayne, IN

My family and I enjoy your products very much and look forward to seeing more from your company. Thanks.

           —Maisha, Misawa, Japan

Thank you for the tremendous amount of work you spent researching and producing The Silencing of God DVD. Our congregation…used it as the framework for our meeting today. Five of us men each took a topic and presented the material during our Bible study and worship time. Over 50 of the DVDs were then given away to those in attendance. My assignment was public education, and although I thought I was doing a fairly good job integrating Christian principles into my 3rd grade classroom, I now realize it's not even close to the saturation that took place for over 150 years. In trying to find out more about what you talked about on the DVD, I realized that my wife has a complete collection of McGuffy’s Readers on a shelf as a decoration. I’ve never read one before. It was mind-numbing to see the extent that Christianity has been taken out of the public life…. It felt like you were here today as many times as the speakers made reference to you and your work. Again, thank you for your efforts.

           —Eric, Havelock, NC

I just wanted to let you know how much I love Discovery magazine! I’m currently homeschooling my son in kindergarten…. I need biblically based lessons that can be found by subject. For example, we are reading a book this week that has a lot of birds in it. Go to the January 2000 issue and…you’ve got great science lessons about vultures, eagles, and owls, that also show where they are used by God in the Bible, which can then be turned into his daily Bible lessons! I have also used them for reinforcing life lessons, for example, lying. He was caught in a lie not too long ago and…there it was in Discovery magazine articles about what the Bible says about lying! Some of the subject matter may be a little advanced for him now but I can generally bring it down to his level as I read it. And he loves the magazines. Today we were going over owls and he started flipping through the pages and found another month’s stories on sharks. I had to promise we would study sharks when we cover the letter S. I use your magazine every day and just wanted you to know what a wonderful help it is to me to be able to use it as Bible/science curriculum and to know that it I don’t have to worry about the content because it comes from the Bible and is not afraid to show the truth. Thanks you so much for all the hard work you do!

           —Amy, Jonesborough, TN

I was glad to find your web site. One of my sons had some questions that he and a colleague were discussing at work…. The questions were regarding exorcism and speaking in tongues…. I was looking on the web under exorcism and found your site and an article by Wayne Jackson…. His article was a help to me and my son. I am looking forward to future newsletters…. Apologetics Press is a very good resource.

           —Mitch, Newalla, OK

I just finished reading the article by Eric Lyons, A Three- or Seven-year Famine? It is a well-argued article. It referred the reader to an earlier article by Mr. Lyons, Inspired Writers and Competent Copyists. This latter article is the best article I have ever read on the subject. The material is presented as concisely as anyone could ask considering the breadth of material encompassed, and leaves the believer marveling at the wisdom of God in the way He accomplished His purposes in the transmission of the text of scripture. It also leaves the thoughtful believer more confident than ever in the reliability of the Bible he holds in his hand. Hats off to Eric Lyons (again!). Hats off to Apologetics Press!

           —Ralph, Canada

I was blessed to be able to visit Apologetics Press in person. While there I purchased DVDs and books. You have first-rate material. Also, while there, my friend and I were treated very cordially…. I just simply wanted to extend a kind thank you for your hospitality. You are doing a wonderful work.

           —Tim, Algood, TN

We just wanted to tell you how much Digger Doug has influenced our daughter…. She is five and loves Digger Doug and Iguana Don. In fact, she watches it every night with her daddy before we go to bed and then they talk about it. Thank you so much for providing our children with clean, informative, and scriptural television that we can let them watch without fear.

           —Christa, Nashville, TN

As I read your articles on your website and Reason & Revelation, I am blown away by the product you produce and the time you must consume for compilation of these articles. Your thoughtful research and logical reasoning is easily seen to the objective eye and greatly appreciated by this Christian. I am currently writing a Christian Foundations series in the local newspaper. For many articles on Christian Evidences, I have used your website to research for these articles. Almost every week, I end the articles with a mention to visit Hopefully, these articles are encouraging further study that will lead them your way. May God continue to bless this great work that you do for the uplifting of His Kingdom.

           —Jason, Douglas, GA

…want to say thank you for recent material. We really enjoy the books you send. The items for the young are very interesting also. Thanks and God bless.

           —Billie, Park Forest, IL

I want to thank you for taking the time and effort of putting your work in audio MP3 format. I have been doing a personal ministry since the mid 90’s by giving a collection of audio CDs to people that express a sincere desire in their search for the truth concerning religion, Atheism, God, and the Bible. Sometimes they are believers, more often especially with the younger people I have served with (USAF). They are searching and uncertain about who or what to believe concerning the cultural and religious war raging within our nation. Your work is vital and extremely helpful in this endeavor. I have always believed that by giving people the opportunity to listen to solid scriptural teaching in the privacy of their home, office, or car, if they are honest, the Lord will lead them to understand what they need to do to please Him. Most of my material came from old cassette tapes that I have digitized on my computer, but often the quality was lacking and in some cases the lectures…were incomplete or marred by background noise or due to space limitations, cut off. Now thanks to your work I can update my material. Once again, thank you for your efforts in reaching a lost and dying world.

           —Ed, North Pole, AK

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource! My Dad is not a Christian and we were discussing the Quran vs. the Bible. You saved me a tremendous amount of time in study and thank you also for allowing me to print the article! Keep up the great work and I pray for you all to have tremendous financial, physical and spiritual support!

           —Micky, West Palm Beach, FL

I am completely floored by the research and information that you presented in your DVD The Silencing of God. What a great work you have done, but what a terrible state of our Union!

           —Curt, Lorain, Ohio

We will offer Discovery to our Bible class students. Several of our kids already receive it at home…. Thanks for all you do. I pray often that the Lord would multiply your opportunities in getting the truth out about His existence and the evidence all around us that He is real.

           —Terry, Midland, TX

I have just finished viewing the DVD you so graciously sent, Behold! The Lamb of God. Never in over 40 years of being a baptized believer in the Lord’s Church have I experienced such an exposition as this! Thank you for the hard work, research, and excellent presentation skills of Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons. The Messianic “trail” has never been so clearly presented, so convincingly demonstrated, so well defended as this in my experience. I feel as though I have attended a Bible course at college! ... I have received a fresh, enlightening concept of God and His Son from this seminar that I have needed for years. Passages in the Bible and outside evidences brought to bear on the subject were so eye-opening and informative. Thanks so much for this gift. Godspeed on your further endeavors. The work of the Lord is not in vain. I can hardly wait to view the Truth Be Told seminar that you also kindly sent.

           —Ward, Corinth, MS

I was looking for [information about] “The Gap Theory.” Your article was excellent…. Your statement about trying to squeeze Hebrew words into English was valuable.

           —Warren, Sioux City, IA

Please pass on a big “Thanks” to Wayne Jackson for clearing up the different source theory in the Genesis account. I was taught and troubled by that theory…in our Genesis class by a “moderate” professor. I wish I had that article at my disposal years ago. Educated liberals sometimes are smarter than their wisdom allows for and can harm their student's faith.

           —Brian, Modesto, CA

Thought the article on how Bush waffles on Christian issues, voter views, and his view of the Bible interesting.

           —Harry, Columbus, OH

I am a 22-year-old recent college graduate…. Apologetics Press provides vital information and current research to address the most controversial topics in society. In result of this, it gives young Christians, such as myself, the confidence to refute many common arguments from skeptics regarding slavery, evolution, homosexuality, war and several other sensitive topics. Apologetics Press is a blessing to many and does a great service for all who read…. God bless you and thank you for being used as obedient servants of Jesus Christ.

           —Alicia, Baltimore, MD

I wanted to thank Kyle Butt for his slavery article. I used his article as a research source….

           —Alicia, Baltimore, MD

I…want to learn all that I can from DVDs you have.  Thanks….

           —Willie, Harold, KY

We appreciate the work there and pray the Lord’s progress through you all!

           —Kirk, Austin, TX

I agree with you on the language of the Bible….. Jesus…used parabolic language, but certain groups like the Roman Catholic Church use some of His sayings literally to prove their doctrine, like eating His body and blood.

           —Philip, Limerick City, Ireland

I write to express appreciation and commendations to you and the staff of Reason & Revelation for the dedication and excellent labor in defense of New Testament Christianity. I’ve subscribed to R&R for years and look forward to receiving each issue. What I understand about evolution has come from reading articles written by the staff…. May the Lord bless and sustain each of you as you continue to stand in the gap for the cause of Christ.

           —Harold, Kernersville, NC

As a homeschooling family of three, we have visited your website quite frequently over the years and purchased material from you. I wanted to take this time to tell you that you all work very hard to keep members of the church informed. The material you offer is exceptional. Our family recently viewed Truth Be Told and are now working on Is the Bible from God? Both series involve Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons, two young men that are very knowledgeable in their studies. You are truly blessed to have these young men and our prayers will be for you to have them with you for many years to come. We are homeschooling our last now and hope that all the teachings that we have instilled in our sons will remain with them. You have helped so much with this process. We also have material by Dave Miller. He must be a great example for the younger men…. You have so much to offer and the Discovery magazine has been a favorite of ours. I can't begin to tell you how often they have read the past articles on-line as a daily Bible reading to start their morning. I hope that someday there will be a weekend seminar in our area….

           —Darlene, Fraser, MI

I appreciate very much the work of Kyle Butt and the Apologetics staff in all they do to educate their readers regarding the Bible, science, logic, etc., as well as expose the faulty logic of those anti-Christian, anti-Bible forces so hard at work in our culture. Again, A.P. is a tremendous resource and I thank you for all the great material you make available to the public.

           —Steve, Sherman, TX

I am overwhelmed with the resources at AP.  Found such an outstanding treatise on “In the Image of God”…. More than I ever could have ferreted out in months of research if ever! And Brother Miller’s paragraph on the godhead in “Quaran and the Trinity” was so badly needed by me. What a blessing to have available holy men communicating these truths for edifying Christians such as me. I am likewise spellbound by Brother Chesser’s Book, Portrait of God, which you so graciously sent. What a revelation! It’s like a course in Bible or attending hundreds of Bible School sessions but so much more. I never thought I would be treated to the “big picture” like this. No reader who applies himself to this book could come away without a vastly improved perspective of God’s Word and a greatly magnified respect for God-Jesus-Holy Spirit.

           —Ward, Corinth, MS

I received my purchase of the debate between Kyle Butt and Dan Barker. I applaud your effort in the debate and want to let you know how proud I was of your demeanor, knowledge, presentation, and attitude. You did your work well. May God bless you in your future work in this rapidly growing secularizing of society.

           —Dudley, Valley Station, Kentucky

Thank you for providing a good-quality video of the Butt/Barker Debate.

           —Arthur, Ithica, NY

Your materials have been of great help to me as a student of theology.

           —Phabian, Kenya, East Africa

Are Americans Becoming Uncivil?, by Dave Miller, is so timely, and needs to be read by everyone in this country. It is so relevant to the struggles we face in America, and I would like to applaud Dr. Miller for writing it. I will say that I have always liked the Reason & Revelation articles, but this one in particular is dear to my heart. I hope that there will be…more articles like this in the future.

           —Don, Huntsville, AL

I was pleased to have attended your lecture this weekend in Ripon, California…. I just emailed my pastor requesting that he do a series based on your books and if possible to convince you to come back the California to speak to our members. I can't wait the read the books I purchased and to share the information…. To be blunt, you lit a fire under my britches. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing.

           —Colleen, Ripon, CA

I really appreciate all that you do. Your group of brothers has been a great encouragement and a huge resource in my studies. Continue to search and continue to proclaim the good news. May the grace and peace of our Lord be with you wherever you go.

           —Paul, Savannah, Georgia

Just found your site and bookmarked you. I can’t wait to dig in to your articles. If they are anything like the “strange flesh” article, I’m very enthused. Thanks so much and keep running the race. God bless you.

           —Rebecca, Temecula, CA

It is happy to write. I am a born-again Christian. I read your Web site. It inspired me…. I have been sharing the Gospel with truth-seekers. I have been conducting a library at my residence, named Christian Apologetics Library….

           —Sirish, India

Great work! Thank you for your article…titled A Christian Approach to Islam. It succinctly and objectively described where Islam and Christianity are in theological tension.

           —Rob, Madison, NJ

I would like to thank you for your newsletter sent to me by e-mail I appreciate your gospel work. Please continue to send me the newsletter regularly.

           —David, India

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