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We are encouraged by these kind thoughts and wish to share them with our readers. Please give us your Feedback! Also, please make sure to include your city and state (or country, if outside the US) with your message.

I just recently saw your DVD Silencing of God. Very powerful. I am hoping our elders will have our Bible classes view it soon. May God continue to bless you all and the wonderful work you do.

           —Karen, Chino, CA

Great article (“America's Inevitable Moral Implosion” by Dr. Dave Miller and Dr. Brad Harrub). Already here in Australia we have been having children's programs depicting homosexual relationships as normal!

           —David, Australia

I wanted to let you know that Apologetics Press is greatly needed. A boy in the third grade from our congregation read the dinosaur book and immediately said that it was not true because man and dinosaur did not live together. It was a great teaching moment for his parents. Later another boy in the first grade said that it was not true either. His parent asked him how he knew it was not true to which the boy replied, "my teacher told me that man and dinosaur did not live together." As a result, we have several who are definitely planning to attend Brad Harrub's presentation....

           —Jimmy, Cross Plains, TN

As a homeschooling family of three, we have visited your website quite frequently over the years and purchased material from you. I wanted to take this time to tell you that you all work very hard to keep members of the church informed. The material you offer is exceptional. Our family recently viewed Truth Be Told and are now working on Is the Bible from God? Both series involve Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons, two young men that are very knowledgeable in their studies. You are truly blessed to have these young men and our prayers will be for you to have them with you for many years to come. We are homeschooling our last now and hope that all the teachings that we have instilled in our sons will remain with them. You have helped so much with this process. We also have material by Dave Miller. He must be a great example for the younger men…. You have so much to offer and the Discovery magazine has been a favorite of ours. I can't begin to tell you how often they have read the past articles on-line as a daily Bible reading to start their morning. I hope that someday there will be a weekend seminar in our area….

           —Darlene, Fraser, MI

There is no refuting that the evolution process is impossible. Thanks for all your work.

           —Christopher, Nashville, TN

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