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We are encouraged by these kind thoughts and wish to share them with our readers. Please give us your Feedback! Also, please make sure to include your city and state (or country, if outside the US) with your message.

I want to thank you for taking the time and effort of putting your work in audio MP3 format. I have been doing a personal ministry since the mid 90’s by giving a collection of audio CDs to people that express a sincere desire in their search for the truth concerning religion, Atheism, God, and the Bible. Sometimes they are believers, more often especially with the younger people I have served with (USAF). They are searching and uncertain about who or what to believe concerning the cultural and religious war raging within our nation. Your work is vital and extremely helpful in this endeavor. I have always believed that by giving people the opportunity to listen to solid scriptural teaching in the privacy of their home, office, or car, if they are honest, the Lord will lead them to understand what they need to do to please Him. Most of my material came from old cassette tapes that I have digitized on my computer, but often the quality was lacking and in some cases the lectures…were incomplete or marred by background noise or due to space limitations, cut off. Now thanks to your work I can update my material. Once again, thank you for your efforts in reaching a lost and dying world.

           —Ed, North Pole, AK

I am overwhelmed with the resources at AP.  Found such an outstanding treatise on “In the Image of God”…. More than I ever could have ferreted out in months of research if ever! And Brother Miller’s paragraph on the godhead in “Quaran and the Trinity” was so badly needed by me. What a blessing to have available holy men communicating these truths for edifying Christians such as me. I am likewise spellbound by Brother Chesser’s Book, Portrait of God, which you so graciously sent. What a revelation! It’s like a course in Bible or attending hundreds of Bible School sessions but so much more. I never thought I would be treated to the “big picture” like this. No reader who applies himself to this book could come away without a vastly improved perspective of God’s Word and a greatly magnified respect for God-Jesus-Holy Spirit.

           —Ward, Corinth, MS

A.P. has such a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for all the work A.P. does…. May God bless you in all your work.

           —Pam, Prattville, AL

I was just looking up some alleged Bible contradictions and I came across your site. I just want to say it's great that you answer these type of questions. I live in New Jersey and work on Wall Street, and I am constantly in the middle of debate because of my Faith.... [Y]our site has given me a greater wealth of Biblical knowledge to supplement my faith and help me to better understand for myself a lot of the things I read. Now I'm able to share that knowledge when necessary.

Plus I'm thoroughly disgusted by the useless and utterly ignorant claims of some of the people who say the Bible contradicts itself.... But then again, the Bible tells us this will happen, so I should not be so surprised. Anyway, keep fighting the good fight and thanks for all you do.

           —Roy, Orange, NJ

Just wanted to say that I appreciate your article on The Audacity to Say ‘Yes, Sir’? It was great and I just ran it our church bulletin. All your work is outstanding. Keep up your good work.

           —Michael, DeKalb, TX

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