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Apologetics Press :: Decisive Designs

As both creationists and evolutionists concede, where there is obvious design, there must be, just as obviously, a designer. The Decisive Designs section of our Web site is devoted to discussion of the designs that are inherent in the world around us. From the magnificent macrocosm that is the Universe itself, to the mind-boggling microcosm that is a single cell, that design is so self-evident that even the most jaded evolutionists have struggled in their attempts to “explain it away.” Here, we intend to provide incontrovertible examples of such design, including instances from the rapidly emerging, fascinating field of biomimicry, as well as evidence for the Designer behind it.

British atheistic evolutionist Richard Dawkins wrote in the preface to his immensely popular book, The Blind Watchmaker: “The complexity of living organisms is matched by the elegant efficiency of their apparent design. If anyone doesn't agree that this amount of complex design cries out for an explanation, I give up!” (1986, p. ix). We agree. Complex design in nature does indeed cry out for an explanation.

This is the same Richard Dawkins who similarly admitted (in an article on “The Necessity of Darwinism” that was published in New Scientist, April 15, 1982, pp. 130-132): “The more statistically improbable a thing is, the less we can believe that it just happened by blind chance. Superficially the obvious alternative to chance is an intelligent Designer.”

We suggest, however, that it is not “superficial” to acknowledge that where there is obvious design, there is, just as obviously, a designer. In fact, for once, we actually find ourselves in agreement with our unbelieving colleagues in science. As atheistic physicist Paul Ricci wrote in his book, Fundamentals of Critical Thinking: “It's true that everything designed has a designer.... 'Everything designed has a designer' is an analytically true statement” (1986, p. 190). Indeed it is true that everything designed has a designer. And it is true that such a statement is “analytically true.” One does not get a law without a lawgiver, a painting without a painter, a poem without a poet, or design without a designer. Where there is design, there must be, by definition, a designer.

Try as they might, evolutionists simply cannot escape the evidence that points to the intricate design inherent in the world around them. The question thus becomes: Who is responsible for this design? “Nature” certainly is not, because nature cannot design anything. Nature is simply “what's there.” Who designed “what's there”? The writer of the book of Hebrews answered that question in a decisive fashion when he wrote: “Every house is built by someone, but He who built all things is God” (3:4)

The articles presented here will be authored by Apologetics Press staff members, as well as by a number of our interns. Each article will discuss matters of science as they relate to apologetics (and specifically the teleological argument—“design demands a designer”) that the average person understands so very well. Articles will cover a broad spectrum of topics—from astronomy to zoology. Some will be fairly brief, while others, by necessity, will provide more in-depth discussions. Each one, however, will present the facts that lead inevitably to the conclusion that a Grand Designer does, in fact, exist. We invite your attention to these “decisive designs” in nature, and the implications that stem from them.

We are happy to grant permission for items in the “Decisive Designs” section of our Web site to be reproduced in their entirety, as long as the following stipulations are observed: (1) Apologetics Press must be designated as the original publisher; (2) the specific Apologetics Press Web site URL must be noted; (3) the author’s name must remain attached to the materials; (4) any references, footnotes, or endnotes that accompany the article must be included with any written reproduction of the article; (5) alterations of any kind are strictly forbidden (e.g., photographs, charts, graphics, quotations, etc. must be reproduced exactly as they appear in the original); (6) serialization of written material (e.g., running an article in several parts) is permitted, as long as the whole of the material is made available, without editing, in a reasonable length of time; (7) articles, in whole or in part, may not be offered for sale or included in items offered for sale; and (8) articles may be reproduced in electronic form for posting on Web sites pending they are not edited or altered from their original content and that credit is given to Apologetics Press, including the web location from which the articles were taken.

We remain firmly committed to our goal of being a “clearinghouse” for useful, accurate, up-to-date information. If you have any questions about the use of these articles, copyright questions, etc., feel free to call us toll-free at 800/234-8558.

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Another Case of Man Mimicking God’s Design Dave Miller, Ph.D.
Antsy Ant Antics Matthew Vanhorn and Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
ArcherFish: Changing Caliber to Fit Prey Brad Harrub, Ph.D.
Bat “Vision” Caleb Colley, M.L.A.
Biomimicry, Butterflies, and Bank Fraud Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Bombardier Beetles and Airplane Engines Brad Harrub, Ph.D. and Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
The Cause of Cuttlefish Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Cells—“Design Modules” by the Trillions Nathaniel Nelson
The Complexity of the Design Process Jeff Miller, M.S.
Dancing: Interesting “Bee”-Havior Matthew Vanhorn
Decoding Design In the Retina? Kyle Butt, M.A.
“Everything That Has Breath” Matthew Vanhorn
The Evolution of Insect Flight Matthew Vanhorn
Exceptional Spider Silk Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Eyeballing Design in the Vampire Squid Kyle Butt, M.A.
Feeling Design Kyle Butt, M.A.
The Flat-Footed, Beaver-Tailed, Duck-Billed Platypus Nathaniel Nelson
The Flight of the Bumblebee Matthew Vanhorn
Following the Toucan’s Nose to a Designer Kyle Butt, M.A.
A Four Million Dollar Piece of Evidence for God’s Existence Kyle Butt, M.A.
God Put Wits In Godwits Eric Lyons, M.Min.
God's Gecko Glue Branyon May and Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
God’s Wood or Man’s Plastic? Dave Miller, Ph.D.
Having the Vision to See Design Kyle Butt, M.A.
“How Come Earth Got All the Good Stuff?” Eric Lyons, M.Min.

Displaying items 1-25 of 55
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