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Creation Videos
by Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A.

Over the last couple of years, a production company operating under the name “Keziah” has released several excellent videos. All have high production standards, and come close to the quality we see in documentaries on PBS and other educational TV channels. Currently, we list three titles in our catalog. These concentrate on the geology side of the creation/evolution issue, and explain fossils, the Grand Canyon, and plate tectonics within a biblical framework. We are happy to offer three additional titles. One continues with the geology theme, while two address the organic evolution side of the issue.
Raging Waters Raging Waters offers a whirlwind tour of Australian geology. Dr. Andrew Snelling and other Bible-believing geologists argue that a catastrophic flood is the best explanation for Ayers Rock, and other unique features of this subcontinent. They also look at opals, coal, and mineral deposits. The lessons apply just as well to other parts of the world.
Biological Evidences of Creation Biological Evidence of Creation goes right to the horse’s mouth, so to speak, by allowing Richard Dawkins to explain evolution in very basic terms. He believes that every living thing is the result of many “lucky” changes occurring over long periods of time. Interviews with Michael Denton, Lee Spetner, and other scientists challenge this claim. They argue that evolution has no way of producing new information—the sort of information that could make new body parts or whole new organisms.
In the Image of God Finally, In the Image of God shows that there is a fundamental divide between apes and humans. Once again, the program allows evolutionists to speak for themselves. Responses come from creationists such as Marvin Lubenow (author of Bones of Contention) and other scientists who disagree with standard evolutionary interpretations. For instance, a Dutch researcher shows how the balance organ in Homo habilis and australopithecines is very ape-like, but it is very human-like in Homo erectus. Thus there seems to be no satisfactory transitional form.

These videos are impressive for the amount of information they cover within a short time (around 28 minutes), and for the currency of their research. Depending on the level of preparation, teenagers and adults should grasp the essential points of these videos without any problem. For best results, however, discussion leaders should familiarize themselves with as much background material as possible. A final word of caution: because these videos are shot in the “real world,” not everyone is clothed from head to foot (e.g., there are traditional loin-cloth-covered Aborigines in Raging Waters). This may be a consideration in some contexts. Each video sells for $19.95 (please see our Contacts page for ordering information).

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