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Exciting Times, These!
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

I could not begin to count the number of times that I’ve said to one or more members of my staff, “I wish our friends, financial supporters, and customers could spend a day or two with us here in our offices—just to see how exciting it is to work here, and witness what actually takes place behind the scenes!” But because those friends, financial supporters, and customers are spread quite literally around the world, I know that I probably am not going to get my wish anytime soon. So, I have decided to use my “Note from the Editor” this month to provide a brief update on some of the things that are going on “behind the scenes” currently at A.P. These truly are exciting times for our work!

First, I might mention that our extremely popular Web site ( continues to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors each year (it receives approximately 250,000 page-hits per month!). If you have not visited it recently, please do. The material on the home page changes every Monday around noon—and everything that has appeared there in the past is archived so it’s easy to retrieve. [The site’s search engine is a dream to use; try it, and you’ll see what I mean.] Anytime you need cutting-edge material on “hot-topic” current issues (euthanasia, stem-cell research, the creation/evolution controversy, etc.), make it a point to visit the Apologetics Press Web site first. Chances are, you’ll find exactly what you need—and then some!

Second, we have just sent two new books to the printer. The Anvil Rings (volume 2) by Eric Lyons examines (as did the first volume) alleged biblical contradictions and discrepancies. Eric has done his usual thorough job in answering the skeptics’ and infidels’ charges. The book is a veritable treasure trove of invaluable material, much of which is unavailable anywhere else. Our second new book, The Quran Unveiled by Dr. Dave Miller, presents a calm-yet-candid comparison between Islam’s book of scripture and the Bible. I do not overstate the case when I say that every Muslim, and every Christian, should read this volume in a spirit of open-minded investigation. There is no doubt in my mind that those who do so will be surprised by what they find. Both of these books are due back to us from the printer around June 30. I will announce their availability as soon as we receive them. [We are extremely grateful for several specific donations from churches and/or individuals that made the printing of these two books possible. Other new books will be announced shortly.]

Third, we are getting ready for the arrival of our summer interns. In fact, by the time you read this, several of them will already be here, and will be busily at work on their assignments. Regular readers of Reason & Revelation already know the quality of young men these interns represent. Each of them (they range in age from 13 to 23) has gone through a lengthy, in-depth, and extremely laborious selection process (which includes, among other things, their submission of written essays, our checking of their personal and professional references, an “entrance interview” at our offices, etc.). Each young man was hand picked for his deep spirituality, keen intellect, and multiple talents. In addition, each of them has been selected for his particular area of expertise. Some interns are interested in the sciences (specifically, astrophysics, cytology, biochemistry, genetics, marine biology, psychology, etc.). Some are concentrating on biblical issues (Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Old Testament, New Testament, etc.). And some are working in multi-disciplinary areas (such as biomedical ethics, philosophy of science, and so on).

Each of the young men is a straight-A student who is incredibly self-disciplined and self-motivated. In addition, each is an outstanding writer or public speaker (truth be told, most of them are both!). Later this year, and well into the next, you will see their articles appear on our Web site, in our journals, and elsewhere. [All of the interns write for Discovery, our magazine on Scripture and science for children; the older ones also write on occasion for Reason & Revelation—as Nathaniel Nelson did for this month’s issue (in the Resources section).] I will have much more to say about our interns in the months ahead—but for now, I simply wanted to mention them. They contribute a lot of zest and freshness to our efforts, as well as a lot of valuable in-depth research and excellent writing. Expect great things from them—and from all of us. Exciting times, these! Truly exciting!

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