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The Influence of High School Science Teachers
by Kyle Butt, M.A.

How important is a high school science teacher in influencing what a person thinks about creation or evolution? Evolutionary scientists Randy Moore and Sehoya Cotner, biology professors at the University of Minnesota, surveyed 1,000 students at the university to find out for themselves. Their primary goal was to ascertain how biology majors viewed the theory of evolution compared to how non-majors viewed the concept. They discovered that “high school biology teachers influence whether majors and non-majors college students accept evolution or question it based on creationism” (“High School...,” 2009). The study showed that “students whose high school biology class included creationism (with or without evolution) were more likely to accept creationist views as entering college students” (2009). Randy Moore, lead author of the study, stated: “I’ve long known that many biology teachers teach creationism, but was surprised to learn that they have such as strong impact” (as quoted in “High School...”).

All concerned parents, grandparents, and guardians of young people should pay close attention to the results of this study. The teachers your teenagers have in class will exert a major influence on what your maturing young person will believe. Those teachers who have the courage and strength to teach the truth about creation, and to expose the flaws in evolutionary thinking, help empower their students to follow the real scientific evidence where it leads. At the same time, those teachers who teach the false theory of evolution, without addressing its flaws, and without teaching the validity of creation, can influence their students to adopt false evolutionary beliefs. We must not assume that a young person’s high school science teacher holds little or no sway over that teenager’s core beliefs such as whether there is, or is not, a God who created the world. The evidence shows that high school science teachers make a difference!

Knowing that science teachers are extremely influential, it becomes the responsibility of all those who have teenagers to insure that their teachers are teaching them the truth. Randy Moore commented: “It’s unfortunate that so many teachers think their religious beliefs are science. Teachers who don’t teach evolution deny students the understanding of one of the greatest principles in history” (as quoted in “High School...,” emp. added). Moore’s propaganda is designed to relegate the concept of creation to “religious” status, while evolution enjoys the exalted status of “science.” The problem with Moore’s assertion is that it is false. Evolution is not scientific, nor is creation a mystic “religious” concept not grounded in fact (see Houts, 2007; Butt, 2008). In truth, the actual scientific evidence points overwhelmingly away from evolution and toward a Creator. If a teacher is going to teach only that which the evidence sustains, then that teacher will be forced to teach creation (see Thompson, 2004).

Additionally, misguided scientists like Moore and Sehoya suggest that teaching creation is against the law and violates the Constitution. One reason the article gave as to why there are still many high school science teachers who teach creation is that “the studies say that more than 25 percent of biology teachers do not know it is unconstitutional to teach creationism” (“High School...,” emp. added). Such a statement is outlandish in light of our country’s heritage (see Miller, 2008). From our nation’s inception, creation has been the foundational concept taught by the signers of the Constitution, and reiterated in the vast majority of all public schools for almost two centuries. To conclude that teaching the truth about creation somehow violates the Constitution would mean re-writing the entirety of American history. As Duane Gish has correctly summarized:

There are thus no legal, pedagogical, or scientific reasons for excluding the teaching of creation-science in public schools. Having generated towers of hypotheses piled on hypotheses where fact and fiction intermingle in inextricable confusion, evolutionists apparently are fearful of allowing students to be exposed to the scientific evidence supporting creation (1995, p. 61).

It is high time that Americans recognize the importance of what is taught in the science classrooms of our nation, and insist that it be the truth.


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