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Reason & Revelation for the Sight-Impaired
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Wayne Jackson, M.A.

When the apostle Peter penned his first epistle, he urged that each Christian be “ready always to give answer to every man that asketh you a reason concerning the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). As we began the work of Apologetics Press late in 1979, our goal was to assist all Christians in doing just that. Over a decade and a half later, that goal remains unchanged.

We continually strive to offer products and services that can be trusted to be scientifically accurate and biblically sound. Further, we want to ensure that each of them may be used to provide a balanced and reasoned defense of historical New Testament Christianity, strengthen the faith of the Christian, and aid in the conversion of the non-Christian. As we contemplate new additions to our offerings, we always try to measure their ultimate usefulness by these criteria.

One of the services we offer (and have since 1989) is Reason & Revelation on audio tape for the visually impaired. We want our products to be used as widely as possible, but realize that for some who have poor eyesight or are legally blind, reading a monthly journal such as ours is, at best, terribly difficult or, at worst, impossible. In an effort to circumvent this problem, and to make Reason & Revelation as accessible to as many as possible, we began reading the feature article from each month’s issue onto audio tape. We also have tried to keep the cost so low that it never becomes a deterrent to those who might want this particular product, but are concerned about whether or not they can afford it.

Every other month, we read Reason & Revelation onto a high-quality, sixty-minute audio tape so that each tape contains two issues of the journal. The cost to those who are sight-impaired or legally blind is only $1.50 per tape (postage to the blind is free by federal law). Cost to others who might want the journal in an audio format (for example, those who travel extensively and who like to listen to cassettes in their vehicle) is $2.00, plus postage. An entire year’s worth of Reason & Revelation on audio tape can be purchased as well, and makes an especially nice gift for someone who either has difficulty reading, or who cannot see to read at all. Six cassettes, each containing two months’ feature articles, cost only $15; twelve cassettes, each with one month’s feature article, cost only $25. Both sets are packaged in an attractive vinyl album.

If you, or someone you know, might benefit from this particular service, we hope you will take advantage of it. You may contact our offices at 800/234-8558 to subscribe with a credit card, or you may send payment by check through the mail. [If you place an order for Reason & Revelation on tape for yourself or for someone else, please be sure to tell us if the tapes are going to someone who is legally blind, so that they may be shipped postage free.]

We also have gift certificates available. On occasion, people contact our offices and want to give a friend, relative, or loved one a gift, but have absolutely no idea what might be appropriate. In such instances, a gift certificate provides an easy solution, and always is appreciated. Gift certificates are printed in an attractive two-color format, and can be prepared in any amount requested. We will be happy to prepare a gift card to accompany the gift certificate (designating you as the donor, and acknowledging any special occasion, such as a birthday), and to mail the certificate for you. If we can assist you in this, or in any other way, please let us know. We are here to serve.

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