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Apologetics Press :: Reason & Revelation
November 2007 - 27[11]:88

More Children’s DVDs
by Dave Miller, Ph.D.

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We continue to receive rave reviews of our children’s television program Digger Doug’s Underground. Take, for example, the following comments sent to us recently from Florence, Alabama:

Tonight in my 4- and 5-year-old class your Digger Doug Episode One saved the day. I am at a whisper today and couldn’t contact someone quick enough to prepare a lesson for my class in my spot. We took a DVD player and played the episode—and they loved it. I had purchased them in hopes of them being...hand in hand with the Bible. Great job! My niece and nephews love them, the kids at church love them, and I love them. Please, please, please make more! We need things like this to use in helping us teach our children.... Again please, please, please make more Digger Doug shows. They are a hit with the kids!

We at A.P. are listening to what this woman and others are saying, and we are working feverishly to accommodate their need. Digger Doug’s Underground is devoted to teaching children basic Bible principles concerning God as Creator and the Earth as His creation. Based on the characters from our popular Discovery magazine for children, the program consists of costumed animal characters, colorful sets, educational dialogue, and participatory singing. Young viewers are literally captivated by the substance and variety that is provided. They find themselves viewing the programs over and over again.

There are only two ways to access Digger Doug’s Underground. The program airs regularly on the Gospel Broadcasting Network ( In our desire to make these programs available to a wider audience, we are slowly, but surely, transferring episodes to DVD. Two volumes are already on the market. We are happy to announce the release of the third volume. Like its predecessors, Volume 3 is packaged in an attractive and colorful DVD box and contains two episodes—Episode 5 titled “Days of Creation” and Episode 6 titled “Biomimicry.” Volume 2 episodes are titled “Dinosaurs and Artifacts” and “Dinosaurs and Natural History.” Volume 1 episodes are titled “What about the Big Bang?” and “After Their Kind.”

If you are a parent or grandparent, or if you are concerned about the spiritual development of children in your acquaintance, please consider providing these valuable resources for those children. You may well plant seeds now that will bear fruit years from now—even to the point of rescuing a soul from the destructive effects of evolution and the secularism that literally permeate our culture. I urge you to secure copies of all three DVD volumes (six 30-minute episodes in all) and help insulate children from the powers of darkness.

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