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Apologetics Press :: In the News

Origin of Life Drowned In Lake of False Assumptions
by Kyle Butt, M.A.

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About once or twice a month a misguided journalist informs the world that scientists may have “discovered clues to the origin of life.” Often this “amazing” discovery is further qualified by statements about life forming on Mars, in deep hydrothermal vents, between sheets of mica, under thousands of tons of ice, or on the surface of “replicating” clays.

In that vein, Kylie Stott recently wrote an article posted on Yahoo! News titled “Argentine Lake May Offer Clues to Life on Mars.” In the article, Stott wrote about “super” bacteria that thrive “inside the oxygen-starved Lake Diamante.” She wrote, “the bacteria’s habitat is similar to primitive earth, before living and breathing organisms began wrapping a protective atmosphere of oxygen around the planet” (2010). She quoted Maria Farias, a microbiologist who was part of the team that discovered the bacteria, as saying: “This is of great scientific interest as a window to look to our past and also for a science called astrobiology, the study of life on other planets.”

Were this type of journalism presented in fields other than evolutionary “science,” it would be immediately dismissed for the nonsense that it is, since the entirety of it is based on either palpably false assertions or, at best, those that are unverified. For example, it assumes that life evolved from non-life. This is not a concept that is waiting for future evidence to be proven; on the contrary it is demonstrably false. Over 200 years of scientific experiments have shown that in the natural world life arises only from previously existing life. The false concept of spontaneous generation is maintained solely because materialistic evolution must have it in order to “get off the ground.” Second, there is no possible way to prove that the “primitive” Earth had an atmosphere that did not include free oxygen. The only reason to assert such is because oxygen would immediately kill any newly formed life (even though “newly formed” life is impossible anyway and there is no such thing as a “primitive” Earth dated in millions or billions of years). Ironically, since water is a key ingredient for life, those who maintain that life formed naturally in an atmosphere without oxygen have an impossible time explaining how two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom could form a water molecule if there was no free oxygen in the first place.

Finally, it is increasingly discouraging to see such bold statements about life forming anywhere, especially in outer space, without so much as a shred of evidence to back the claim. Stott’s title, “Argentine Lake May Offer Clues to Life on Mars,” is written as if we have found life on Mars and we are simply trying to explain how it got there. Of course, such is not the case. We have not in any shape, form, or fashion found life on Mars or any other planet besides Earth. What is more, Farias mentioned the field of “astrobiology, the study of life on other planets”—an interesting field, to be sure, considering that no such life has been found. In fact, a person can get an earned Ph.D. in astrobiology, in spite of the fact that there is no such thing, to anyone’s verifiable knowledge, as life on other planets—movies like E.T. and Contact notwithstanding.

If a person were to take an honest look at all the evidence, the rational conclusion is that life on Earth did not have a natural origin, there is no “primitive” atmosphere devoid of oxygen, and the search for life arriving by natural processes on other planets is an exercise in futility. When the pseudo-science of evolutionary propaganda, so easily swallowed by major media outlets, is jettisoned, we can critically analyze what we know to be factual. When we take such a critical look, it becomes apparent that the first chapter of Genesis, in which God spoke fully formed life into existence on Earth without evolutionary precursors, fits the known scientific evidence precisely.


Stott, Kylie (2010), “Argentine Lake May Offer Clues to Life on Mars,”

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