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Apologetics Press :: Reason & Revelation
June 1997 - 17[6]:48

Using Our Copyrighted Materials
by Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Wayne Jackson, M.A.

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Materials produced by Apologetics Press are copyrighted, and thus afforded the protection of U.S. and international copyright law. On occasion, we receive inquiries concerning this matter. Some who inquire ask why we copyright our materials at all. First, if we do not copyright them, someone may (mistakenly) think that our works are in the public domain. That could put us in the position of having researched, authored, and published the materials with little hope of recouping our costs. Second, by copyrighting our publications, we can prevent their misuse or abuse. For example, recently the editor of a radical publication wrote to inform us (he was not asking our permission) that he intended to reproduce one of our articles. Because of the false teachings his paper contained, we did not want anything we had written, or even our names, to appear in it, lest some think we agreed with his error. We therefore invoked our rights, and refused permission to reproduce the article. Had we not held the copyright to the original article, that option would not have been open to us.

What, then, are our policies on the use of materials that we have copyrighted? Generally, we are pleased to grant permission for others to reproduce our articles, with the following stipulations: (1) The article must not be abbreviated, lengthened, or altered in any way whatsoever. (2) Appropriate credit must be given to both author and publisher. (3) Original date and place of publication must be designated. At times, we also are willing to grant permission for audio tapes to be copied with the same stipulations in force.

There are times, however, when we do not grant permission for items to be reproduced or copied. For example, when we publish Discovery, our monthly paper on Scripture and science for children, we spend a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money to make each issue as attractive and appealing as possible. The journal is produced on slick paper, in full color, with numerous beautiful illustrations. We are competing with many other attractive, professionally produced publications (e.g., Weekly Reader, National Geographic, etc.), for our children’s minds and attention. In its original format, Discovery can not only compete with, but actually outshine, all its competitors.

However, when some well-meaning preacher, Bible class teacher, or parent decides to “save a little money” by photocopying an issue for students’ use, all our efforts are for nought. The end result is a pitiful-looking, black-and-white, poor imitation of the original. Children are the losers when this occurs. Our work is strictly non-profit; we do not want to “make money.” What we do want is for the child to get the full benefit of the actual full-color reproduction, which is why we routinely deny requests to photocopy, or otherwise reproduce Discovery. [NOTE: The exception is the activity pages in each month’s issue, which may be copied for student use.] We deny permission to duplicate our video tapes for the same reason—the loss in quality in dubbing from one generation to the next causes the end product to be undesirable.

Normally, we are complimented when people request permission to use our copyrighted materials. If you wish to reproduce something we have published,contact us for permission, and we will do our best, under these guidelines, to oblige you.

Copyright © 1997 Apologetics Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

This document may be copied, on the condition that it will not be republished in print unless otherwise stated below, and will not be used for any commercial purpose, as long as the following stipulations are observed: (1) Apologetics Press must be designated as the original publisher; (2) the specific Apologetics Press Web site URL must be noted; (3) any references, footnotes, or endnotes that accompany the article must be included with any written reproduction of the article; (4) textual alterations of any kind are strictly forbidden; (5) Some illustrations (e.g., photographs, charts, graphics, etc.) are not the intellectual property of Apologetics Press and as such cannot be reproduced from our site without consent from the person or organization that maintains those intellectual rights; (6) serialization of written material (e.g., running an article in several parts) is permitted, as long as the whole of the material is made available, without editing, in a reasonable length of time; (7) articles, in whole or in part, may not be offered for sale or included in items offered for sale; and (8) articles may be reproduced in electronic form for posting on Web sites pending they are not edited or altered from their original written content and that credit is given to Apologetics Press, including the web location from which the articles were taken. Further, documents may not be copied without source statements (title, author, journal title), and the address of the publisher and owner of rights, as listed below.

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