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Bible Bullets: How Could Samuel Have Inhabited the Temple?
by Eric Lyons, M.Min.

Although King David had desired to build a “house to the name of the LORD” (1 Chronicles 22:7; 2 Samuel 7:1-17), God chose David’s son, Solomon, to construct His holy temple. Around the year 950 B.C., after seven years of labor, King Solomon’s workers completed the magnificent temple of God in Jerusalem (1 Kings 6:38).   It might surprise some to learn, however, that more than a century before Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, the inspired writer of 1 Samuel recorded that young...
Bible Bullets: You Have Only One Shot
by Dave Miller, Ph.D.

The present pluralistic climate that prevails in American culture has disastrous implications. To suggest that all religions, all ideologies, all philosophies, and all beliefs are of equal validity, and ought to be tolerated as such, is to generate social anarchy and the destabilization of society that can end only in national suicide. Unless a single value system remains substantially intact in any given civilization, that society will lack the necessary “glue” to hold together. But even more tragic are...

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